Life Does That Sometimes…

Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? It works in mysterious ways at times. It never fails, life has a way of testing us – of testing our strength and agility. Life gives us these little glimpses into what our life could be like, and for a short while we have everything we want and need, it seems; sometimes these glimpses get ripped away from us, leaving us feeling empty and grieving what could have been but never had a chance. There is one word that adequately describes the disappointment of someone walking into our lives and touching it in such a profound and meaningful way that we wonder how we ever lived life for one day without this person, and that is bittersweet. While the pain of this loss is unbearable, we know there must be a deeper purpose of our having met and while we may not know that purpose for years to come, we are certainly better for having known them.

I met a beautiful man this past week who was, for lack of a better way to put it, the male version of me. We are literally just alike in every conceivable way. The only thing about us which could be considered even remotely negative:  he’s a Pisces while I’m a Gemini, two theoretically ill-suited signs. I definitely don’t believe that however (plus I still need a second opinion 🙂 We are both very passionate, expressive individuals; what we feel, like or care about, we do so wholeheartedly. We wear our hearts on our sleeve and are incredibly sensitive at times, for which we have poor, unhealthy coping skills. We are both highly impulsive, and impulsivity is rarely a good quality to possess. We both absolutely love sex and are (equally) very adventurous and freaky. We’ve been looking for our one true love, soulmate, best friend and partner in crime for as long as we can remember, but just haven’t found that person. We have mistaken the wrong iindividuals who said the right things as being who we wanted, only to realize we were wrong, yet again. We both are very spiritual and place high value on living our lives by a certain set of core principles which we try to incorporate into our daily lives as much as humanly possible. We both are incredibly in touch with ourselves, particularly for how much of a mess our lives are presently. We both always try to see the beauty in the world, to take time to experience that beauty, and never take that beauty for granted – though we take plenty of other things for granted. We know our mistakes, we know we are fucked up people in a lot of ways and that our choices have put us in the predicament we are in, we have no problem admitting that to anyone who asks or takes an interest in us – most of all we have no problem admitting it to ourselves. We are very trusting but even more accepting and nonjudgmental, so much so that it’s a fault – we learn from our mistakes in relationships and friendships but find it difficult to apply the lessons to future relations with people in our lives.

As for love? Love is almost like an enigma to us; we know it exists but for each of us, it exists either on a superficial level or doesn’t exist at all. We always get hurt in relationships and never receive the respect, love, understanding, compassion or acceptance that we deserve. Psychological abuse is a central theme in our relationships and we can’t seem to escape it. We know what we want in a partner but have never been able to find that exact person. When we met, we both somehow knew the other was that person we had been searching all our lives for. Being ill-fated dreamers (otherwise known as a hopeless romantic) makes us quite optimistic, sometimes overly and inappropriately so, where the possibility of love is concerned. All of these qualities led to our trusting the deep and intense feelings we had somewhere inside the core of our being.

It would have been wildly fantastic, successful even, had one major roadblock been removed from the equation entirely: addiction. We are both addicts. We are extreme addicts, actually, meaning when we do something, we do it to the absolute extreme. We push our use to the absolute limits of drug abuse and don’t let anything get in our way. We are often times careless, thoughtless, and irresponsible. While we do care about the people we hurt in the process of our addiction, we make choices not based on what is best for those around us but, what is best for ourselves. We also believe our lives are exactly as they were meant to be presently, that the many trials we are constantly facing have made us stronger and better people, and that our family and friends fail to understand us or even try to understand us for that matter, which has ultimately pushed us away and fostered further poor decision making.

Collectively, he and I are a match made in heaven. I thought I had finally met my one and only. It didn’t matter that our liaison happened so fast nor did it matter that neither of us is in a good situation at the moment. We felt what we felt and we had faith in it. We didn’t want that feeling to end. Who would? Being an ill-fated dreamer actually keeps us happy even though it is a fleeting happiness and we deeply morning the loss of what we thought our lives would be like. We are who we are and we can’t change it, nor would we want to necessarily. We simply continue on this journey hoping to find that lifelong partner we so desperately desire.

Except this is different. I do not want to move on, having only experienced this amazing person for an insignificant period of time. I know my life as well as his life, would be incredibly better because we would be able to put our strengths together and be stronger than ever. Isn’t that what love is all about? I simply yearn for this man and I’m struggling to be okay with his only being temporary. Sure we have our individual problems which right now have effects on our relationship as a whole. But I’m willing to do what I have to do, to make this happen, and to allow this to be successful. I’m not sure this will happen or is even possible, but I will patiently wait in hopes that we get a proper chance to happen.

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Things are pretty tough at my house right now. Without going in to detail, let me just point out that there is nothing worse than living with a spouse with whom you are enthralled in a divorce, and the only way you can leave is once you find a job and can afford your own place.

And your kids have to be right smack in the middle of nasty drama. I never had a temper until I married this man. We just know how to push each other’s buttons perfectly but, he pushes mine so well I lose my cool these days so quickly, so easily I’m ashamed but he makes me so angry I can’t control it. Featured Image -- 3260


I don’t know how I’m going to survive until this is over, but I am trying to be strong.

He makes damn sure each day is more miserable than the one before, and he treats me shittier every day than he did day previous. Who can survive a life like that? Someone help me!


Daniel Tosh–Gotta Love Him 


This post illustrates a petition I started last year on which came to be after I read a shocking and offensive article in Colorado Springs’ The Gazette newspaper, in which the writer discusses the Mayor at that time’s position on the always brought to the floor but always rejected bill, rewritten each time it gets brought before the floor, trying to get a needle exchange program in the City of Colorado Springs, a city boasting nearly 700,000 people. This is my petition:

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Hilarious Comedian Newcomer Amy Schumer Slam Dunks Her Roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central

Amy Schumer will have you laughing the entire five minutes. A must see!


My horribly misguided and inappropriate new boss (with whom I share a house), and I seem to fervently, adamantly, and shamefully, being it fifteen years into the New Millennium, pathetically disagree about what normal women are. He genuinely believes (poor, poor misinformed and despicable Serbian soul) that all women enjoy having their asses slapped by men, and any men at that. Apparently I’m not a normal woman. No seriously, the fucking prick literally stated that I am not normal. Normal women, said he, like their asses slapped and rubbed. I did good not to punch his Slavic face and knee him in the groin. Mother fucker. But oh, it gets better. Just you wait.

This arrogant and terribly misguided fucknut. I hate, no I deplore this fucking job. But that’s for another post, another fucked up day, working for this sick, twisted, perverted mother fucker as a caregiver doing his twice daily physical therapy sessions, and twice a week minimum I get the joy of him pulling his dick out mid-session and asking for me to massage it as well (he’s paralyzed from the waist down and has no sexual function control – so he’s a horny mother fucker, and I only like horny mother fuckers if I:

a) sleep with him at night, and

b) am the hornier mother fucker doing the dirty and nasty with him every night.

Can I help that I’m so sexy and desirable that even my male employers are unable to keep their dick in their pants? Silly me, this has been an issue of mine all my life. Well, since age 15, the first year I went to Hot August Nights, in Reno, Nevada, wearing a poodle skirt, thinking I was a little girl but leaving the three-day event realizing I was more: I was a sexual object who still liked (shhh!) Barbie dolls. Hold the hot guys back, right? Well I tell this raunchy fuck my feelings about his unwanted advances daily, and he thinks I’m the one who is lacking a few chromosomes.

To make this guy even more hated by me, he also claims normal women like men to “rub/touch their pussies” without asking or, sick fuck says, expecting the man to ask permission in advance.  I would bet my life – no, I would bet your life, that 90% of Americans, men and women that is, would say that his highly backward perspective on this constantly evolving social issue, for which us women have truly made an astounding amount of progress, is not only inaccurate, it’s completely degrading and chauvinistic, and not keeping up with current overall attitudes regarding women’s liberation and women’s rights. Well, he is Serbian, dear friends.

I want to know your thoughts, feelings and reactions to this unbearably disturbing male-female and employer-employee debate, and the details behind it. Is my boss right? Do women generally liked being RANDOMLY slapped on the butt..pussy rubbed..without expectation of advance permission? Or is he a mother fucking pig deserving his frank and beans all chopped off and served to the family dog?

Please, leave any and all comments, preferably as upfront and honest as mine (bad words included), below, and let’s see who’s right? LuLuBeLLe (fans cheering and clapping) or Assfuck (tomatoes and garlic flavored beet juice being thrown at him, crowds making death threats) ?? Looking forward to hearing from you!





Aana’s House: A Domestic Violence Blog, Information, Statistics, and Resources for DV Victims

Best Domestic Violence I’ve viewed which is user-created and not a professionally made site. Passing it to all my friends and family!

Good People, Good Times

Get Out While You Still Have Your Life!

Source: Domestic Violence Statistics and Info

This is an amazing new blog on Domestic Violence, the creator spent an absurd amount of time on resources and help, statistics, and information for all domestic violence victims. Links to every resource and any pertinent and helpful information has been covered here. I’m very impressed. Definitely worth subscribing to…

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George Ezra’s Budapest: Just Feels Right

George Ezra is truly an amazing artist, this is a feel-good song that you listen to while knocking back a few tall premium beers on tap at your favorite local hotspot sports bar…watching the San Francisco Giants sweep the Oakland A’s as you eat some Asian sesame buffalo wings and garlic fries… the Giants win 16-2, by the way, so you know already how this gig ends…don’t drink and drive, my friends…you know how that story always ends…