Until two years ago I didn’t know a thing about methamphetamine, and I thought crank and crystal meth were two totally different drugs. Methamphetamine is classified as a psycho-stimulant drug; it gives the user an intense euphoria that is so pleasurable its said to feel, the very first time you do it, as if you had ten orgasms in a row-and lasting for over an hour. Crystal meth is its most common name, and it is quickly becoming the biggest illegal narcotic epidemic this country has ever seen. The thing about methamphetamine, despite how good people hear it feels, is this: according to, 45% of first-time meth users become addicted. Here’s the killer: 85% of second-time meth users become addicted. Those are staggering numbers. It blows my mind thinking that, if you do meth 1-2 times, you will more than likely not be able to stop, and it will change your life forever.


The thing that meth users fail to think about at any time, either before or during their abuse of this despicable drug, is the damage it does to your body and even worse, your teeth. I found a story on a methamphetamine forum discussing a man who had beautiful, straight teeth and then began using crystal meth. He said that his teeth began rotting literally within three months. Users of meth have very poor hygiene many times and don’t brush their teeth. But even if that’s not an issue for a meth user, meth causes severe dry mouth, and there’s two major problems that come as a result of dry mouth in meth users: they crave sweets, so they keep suckers and candies around to pop in their mouth when the dry mouth begins. The next thing is that smoking meth, which is the most common method of using it, creates a lot of acid in the mouth as the result of the smoke, and that acid completely destroy teeth. The point I’m trying to make here is this: if it does this much damage to teeth after only three months, what do you think it does to the inside of the human body?


It is heart-wrenching to see the number of people that are affected by this terrible drug, either because they themselves do it, someone they love does it, or a baby is born addicted to it. Newborn babies are more often every year being born to a crystal meth-abusing mother, and meth babies are becoming as big of a problem as crack babies in the 80’s. The number of children who not only have parents that abuse crystal meth, but sometimes even manufacture it in their homes, thereby exposing every single person in the home to dangerous chemicals–has more than doubled the past five years, according to the Department of Justice. It’s an epidemic that needs to quickly be controlled, because it’s beyond out of control.

Here’s the kicker; I read that methamphetamine is available with a prescription, for the treatment of obesity and narcolepsy. I was floored as I sat staring at the information before me. Here there are millions of people abusing this drug and its ruining people’s lives a little more each day, yet Doctors can write a freakin’ prescription for it. I’m sorry, call me crazy, but the second the government realized how big of a problem crystal meth was starting to become, they should have immediately pulled it off the market as a treatment for ANYTHING.


I find it incredibly irresponsible for a drug which is also an illegal narcotic to be given by a Doctor for absolutely any reason at all. Personally, my argument is one that I need to write a completely separate blog on–the legalization of narcotics in this country–but if drugs are going to be illegal in the United States, they certainly should not be available as a prescription. If I was obese and wanted to lose weight that bad, I would probably already have thought about starting crystal meth anyway, but I certainly would never have thought in a million years, that the worst, most damaging, disgusting drug ever–would be given by a damn Doctor! What kind of Doctors are okay with giving a patient metham–freakin-phetamine? The only thing I can think of is one of two things:
1- the Doctors who do still write scrips for methamphetamine are old school Doctors who are possibly near retirement and not very involved in the community; they probably don’t use the Internet so never have the opportunity to come across the wealth of information about this. OR:
2– The Doctors who prescribe it only do so in cases where it would be a bigger risk to the patient to remain obese, than it would be to give them methamphetamine as a treatment.

I’d like to close this post on methamphetamine by saying that I was one of the 15%. I tried crystal meth two years ago and didn’t particularly enjoy it, it did not give me a high. Then nearly a year later a friend of mine wanted me to do it with her so I did–and that time I liked it. But that was it, I didn’t take it beyond that. I know now how incredibly lucky I was. My God, to think about how my life would be right now if I had become a meth addict, or tweaker…it makes me physically ill. I drill it in my three kids’ heads about the dangers of drugs, and they say now that they never would. But I will do absolutely every possible thing in my power to make sure they don’t ever so much as consider trying meth. My children will not become statistics. Children are such innocent victims in this epidemic, I will protect my children in any way necessary. That doesn’t make me a good mother, but it does make me human.




    1. I apologize, I was in the middle of responding and I fell asleep and think I may have accidentally sent it–oops! I thank you very much for your comment of the link to my post. I very much enjoyed your post and cry inside when I think of my three babies and how they felt inside as I popped pill after pill after pill. Sure it stings a little bit hearing your statement about the selfishness attached to people who abuse drugs, because you’re absolutely right. I’m so glad to be away from it. My oldest son at 18 y/o I’d will never look at me the same again, thank for the shadsxx


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