Frustrated With Life–and Lazy KiDs

I have been extraordinarily ill the past week, yet the entire time I’ve been sick, I’ve been laid up in bed but I have had my iPad, my keyboard, my stylus, and my iPhone right there for me to be able to keep up on my blogs as well as complete my first Hub for, which was creating a great deal of anxiety for me…my best friend in the whole world, Susan–who is my Guardian Angel and I adore her so much, she always saves the day for both my kids and ME just when we need it most–and she was here cleaning my house for TWO DAYS while I remained upstairs in bed. Susan even brought her 15 year-old daughter Lexi with her on Saturday to help her, and guess what my lazy kids were doing the entire five hours or so they were here (yes, my house needed attention, I know, I know…disgusting right?)…they were playing video games, playing on the laptop, and/or complaining about how they didn’t have anything to eat alternating with complaining about how they didn’t have anything to do…I told them, in not-so-nice-words, that they were sitting their lazy butts upstairs while Susan and Lexi were downstairs busting theirs asses cleaning THEIR house while THEIR MOTHER was sick! On top of being sick, I threw my back out on Friday afternoon and I wasn’t able to stand up and walk to the bathroom without crying out in pain….

…so please, someone please help me to understand how it is that Susan’s daughter is so sweet and helpful, while my kids are embarrassingly lazy? What Mother deserves to have kids so damn lazy while she’s unable to get any housecleaning done? You should have seen the disgusting, pigsty of a mess I had to walk in to this morning when I, for the first time in nearly SEVEN days, went downstairs and really paid attention to my house. The second my children walk in the door afterschool and Susan drops their lazy-asses off, they will be grounded from the Xbox and computer INDEFINITELY!



  1. Wow you poor woman, your kids should help you! If you want some ideas on how to get them to doing more message me because i had the same problem with my kids a while back but then I read a really helpful book that made them get in gear. How do you find time to write in a blog when you have a house to keep? And your blog is great, keep up the good writings, you are very talented and I hope to see more of your blogs, your blogger and weebly blogs are
    really good.


    1. Hello and thank you for your comments and offer of help. I have so many books on parenting and ideas for getting them to listen, I even have a degree in Psychology minoring in Child Development–it doesn’t matter, haha, they are invincible. So yeah, absolutely if you have something that you know works, by all means gimme gimme gimme! 🙂
      My kids are starting a new chore chart tomorrow and I’m praying to heck it goes as I hope because I’m too busy right now to NOT have help. My oldest is 18 dammit! He should be helping! Looking forward to hearing from you…


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