Do you feel like you “get” social media sites? Or do you just do them because your friends do?

Oh this is such a PERFECT question for ME, of all people, because I soooo don’t get it AT ALL! Why do people really think I give a rat’s behind where they ate dinner lastnight, who won the Celtics game (come on, the Celtics? Really? We are no where NEAR Boston!) or how many people showed up at their two year old’s birthday party! If you think about it, it’s rather self-absorbed, people think everyone is just sitting around waiting to get their f-ing bi-hourly update on their life! I get so annoyed if I get a check-in notification for Starbuck’s from someone, or for the gym. I was going to the gym there for a while every single day, and just to be a pain in the ass and make everyone realize how they sounded, I checked in at California Family Fitness. That’s all that was on my Facebook wall for like two months, a bunch of check-ins at Cal Fit. I thought it was hilarious!

Don’t get me wrong, my friends’ lives so matter to me, and certain friends and family I absolutely want to know a lot more of their lives than others, but I don’t need to hear every single update on ANYONEs life, like when they last farted, when they last had a BM, come on now peeps! No one CARES! I think Facebook is way out of hand!

Please check out Plinky, it’s a fun way to get conversation going or blog started…fun writing prompts that you answer and can share with your blogs, social media, etc. TRY IT!


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