The Five Things I Would Choose

The question was posed to me: “You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?” and after spending a few minutes pondering this, here’s what I came with:

 If I was to be exiled to a private island, I’m assuming I’ll be alone. If I was alone and it was to be for a great deal of time, I obviously wouldn’t care the least bit about if the food was fattening or bad for me or if I gained all kinds of weight…and that is something that is definitely always on my mind in the real world, so to be honest with you, it would be rather nice to be alone, no one to worry about seeing me fat and disgusting…I would offer to give up two of the five choices before I make them, hoping they would let me bring my iPad, Apple keyboard and stylus; if I had those three things I would be GOOD TO GO for months…not having three needy children wouldn’t be an issue
<br/>The first food I would have to ask for from my captors (and I’m going to push it and say that I think the captors would give me the five foods not just once and that’s it, but once a week. Once a week the captors would give me five foods that I would have to make last all week or else I would have to teach myself how to catch fish either with my bare hands or some sort of tool that I make) would be Ben &amp; Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. That is the absolute best, most wonderful ice cream ever invented and I’ve been going through a serious addiction to it lately–even sometimes having an entire pint EVERY DAY…I know what you’re thinking, and dang! I know I would become fat out on that island, but then again, I’m gonna be doing some fishing later in the week which will help me to burn some calories.
<br/>The second food I would want is a bag of my Body by Vi low-carb meal replacement powder (especially since I will have eaten so much Ben & Jerry’s!) and then I can have the meal replacement shakes twice each day. The third food I would want is a box of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch cereal…this is the most amazing cereal ever made, because it’s a combination of the second and third most amazing cereals ever invented–the third being Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and the second being Peanut Butter Crunch, which has been my all-time favorite cereal since I was a small child. Now for my fourth food I can either choose a food or, because I love my cereal so much, milk–for the cereal. Cereal is pretty darn good all by itself, don’t get me wrong, but with nice, cold milk…though hmmm, I suppose I wouldn’t be able to keep milk cold, would I. I doubt my captors would take on the expense of providing me with a little refrigerator that runs on batteries…though wait a minute…!! What if I used my fifth food to ask for something like, a nice, big lasagna, and then I will have my captors over for a nice dinner, and very generously provide some entertainment for my guests by doing the very terrible-but-hilarious moonwalk dance I choreographed when I was twelve years old as well as sing Queen’s We Are the Champion, which I’m so awful at singing that perhaps they would deem me the funniest person of all time and tell me they will happily buy me a refrigerator, as well as pay for the expense of a battery-operated one, and they will provide the batteries. In that case I would use my fourth choice for milk. Or, the other option, is that the evening with my captors would go so terribly that they would tell me I don’t deserve to be brought five items of food any longer and that I should get used to taking care of myself, at which time I would knock them both over the head with the big heavy-duty ice chest they brought my food in to keep it cold, then I steal the keys to their airplane, and I would leave, rescuing myself immediately…..and leaving them there to rot…

This writing prompt was courtesy of The Writer’s Writing Source!



  1. Hey Lulubelle7537, your blog is bitchin’! And you have some very clever and interesting posts, I will tell all of my friends to come look at this. How did you do all of this? I don’t know how to do all this stuff but you seem like your real smart so if you can give me some tips, that would be great. Thanks so much Lulu.. oh and by the way your answer to this was really funny, I loved it!


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