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If there is anything my parents taught me when I was growing up its that even if you have a million things you’re working on and you totally feel overloaded with stuff–work, responsibilities, kids–you have to do everything you can to make everything work together even if it means tweaking how you do things.

It’s been almost a month since I started my freelance writing business. I got a business license and ordered business cards, I put my name up on all the sites for freelance writers to find work and also to learn how to be better freelancers. I’ve been so stoked about my new career that I have let everything else go. My best friend is supposed to clean and I even offered to pay well but she’s had one catastrophe after another which means my house is still not clean.

I also have been neglecting my kids. I explained to them I need to work really hard to get my website done (which I’m designing and building myself) and I promised them as soon as I finish I will take them to do something special. I tried to make them understand I will make more money and we will be able to do a lot more things. They say they understand but I can tell they are upset that I’ve been working so much.

It’s time for me to try and follow my parents advice and change things around to accommodate everything in my life. I feel an extraordinary amount of guilt for how much I’ve been working but I’m doing it so that I can provide more for my children without having to totally rely on my husband’s child/family support each week. I have to say though that I just love doing freelance writing and am thoroughly enjoying building up these blogs.

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