Midnight Dog Fight…



Those are our dogs, one is a pit-beagle mix, his name is Mogley. We call him Mo. The other is a full-bread pit bull named Scooby. They are extraordinarily awesome dogs; they play well together and although they do get rough, they are also the most loving two dogs I’ve ever seen. They will lay on the couch together and it’s the most precious thing–they will sit there and clean each other for hours. Mo is three years old, Scooby is 10 months old. Mo completely watches out for Scooby.

Those dog owners who are lucky enough to have a pit bull, the kind of dog owners like my three kids and me, who not only don’t use our pit bulls to fight, we would never teach them let alone allow them to fight; in addition, we absolutely frown upon, no–more like look down upon anyone who would use their household pet, their second companion, in such an atrocious and violent way. Moreover, dog owners with good intentions and a caring, loving disposition for their dogs, such as my family, forget that pit bulls, although not very aggressive dogs by nature, are very, very loyal to their owners, making them naturally very protective of them. They are also great with children. According to pitbulls.org and their article A Brief History of the American Pit Bull Terrier, pit bulls were once considered the “sweetheart dog of America” and were so extraordinary and reliable with children that they were considered the “nanny dog”.

So what happened in my house in the middle of night last night was beyond terrifying; it was the most traumatizing experience my two youngest children had ever had. My two kids fell asleep in my room last night, one on the floor and one in the bed. By 10:00 we were all out. What happened next was absolutely horrifying. Scooby, our 10 month-old pit bull was in my room sleeping on the floor with my son. Around 11:30 I woke up to my son attempting to remove Scooby from on top of him. I woke up and told him to put Scooby out, as we had tried several times the past three hours to get him to move to my bed, where he usually lays, but he wanted to lay with my youngest, but he’s an extremely large, stocky, heavy 10 month-old puppy and there’s no moving him if he doesn’t want to move. So my son kicked him out. As he opened the door for Scooby, Mo tried to sneak in unnoticed, and keep in mind it was dark this whole time, I saw Mo sneak in (as he does nightly, he waits until everyone’s asleep and sneaks on to the bed and gets under the covers way down at the foot of the bed where he’s likely to go unnoticed. But it startled Scooby. Scooby is a very nervous little dog, very jumpy and shaky. Because it was so dark, Scooby didn’t see Mo but he heard someone sneak in to the room. All of a sudden the dogs were rolling around on the floor right next to my bed, growling and fighting. The sounds coming from this brawl, I can’t adequately describe. I feel sick to my stomach as I sit typing this, describing in as accurate detail as possible. It was more than just growling…it was almost as though one of them had something stuck in his throat and was trying to get it out and was gagging. I have seen how rough they get play fighting–this was nothing like that. I could hear them biting each other and each dog struggling like crazy to overpower the other. Me and my kids were screaming our heads off, because we couldn’t see what was going on, and a basket next to my bed filled with stationary items flew up in the air and the journals which were inside of the basket went flying. I knew my little girl would be the most scared of all, despite being 13–she is scared of a lot of things and the scary movies tops the list; it sounded like a cross between a Saw movie and an Animal Planet special on tigers. I yelled at my son, who was also quite terrified and in shock, to get his older brother, my oldest, 18 years old and self-educated about anything and everything pit bull related since we got these dogs. Kodey was in the shower. The fight continued on with loud growls and yelping and the sound of them running in to things; after about 30-40 seconds Scooby went out of the room and I thought Mo had as well–my daughter was hysterically crying and all three of us were shaking. I hugged my daughter tight and made sure she was physically okay. I then saw Mo huddled up in the corner of the bed tending to an injury. There was blood on my freshly washed sheets. I went to go bang on the bathroom door and get my son out, in the meantime Mo came downstairs. Kodey was very calm but visibly upset. We checked Mo’s body for injuries and then we both saw it at the same time. We had just been saying it was beyond time to clip Mo’s nails, it’s a huge ordeal in this house when nail cutting time arrives. We had put it off and now Mo had paid the price.

In the middle of the very violent fight, Mo’s dew claw, the thumb of a dog, had been partially ripped off his paw, and it was somewhat hanging off the skin, it looked as though maybe it had gotten caught on something and when he tried to pull it free it split it down the tendon. It could have been much worse, I kept telling myself. He was licking it but it was obvious he was in shock, he was very shaky. We called an animal hospital and they told us to bring him in if he was still bleeding. Right after they hung up, Kodey and I checked and the bleeding had stopped; I told Kodey I didn’t feel comfortable wrapping an injury like that myself and we decided he definitely needed attention: NOW. I had calmed the kids down quite a bit over the next hour and by this time it was 1:30 a.m. Kodey had just texted me to let me know they had arrived and they took Mo right back. The kids pretty quickly dozed back off but I didn’t want to go back to sleep until I knew that Mo was okay, and that Kodey had safely made it home.

It’s been nearly 24 hours since the fight. Mo is wearing a cone around his neck and has his paw bandaged up so much that it made it appear as though he had a broken arm. This morning first thing, the kids and I woke up and raced down to check on him. He was still loopy from the pain meds. They give tramadol…Tramadol! And he’s loopy! Imagine that…! All day that sweet baby has been right by my side. Every time I got up even to go to the bathroom, he wanted to follow me. I carried him to go potty, I made him some homemade dog food that was extra soft so he wouldn’t choke, he was pretty out of it all day. I finally carried him up to my bed and he’s been sprawled out there all day. Thank God this poor guy is okay because like my children, I couldn’t imagine life without him…

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself”~ Josh Billings





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