The XBox ONE: As if my Kids Need ANOTHER Game System!

20130521-150008.jpg So the new Xbox has been unveiled: the Xbox One. It is said to be the “new generation of gaming”. The reason I’m already posting a blog about this? My 18 year-old son and his 9 year-old little brother have been talking about it for days. My 18 year old, Kodey, was playing on his Xbox 360 when the video became available for consumer viewing. He immediately watched it being unveiled before his eyes. Xbox announced that the new Xbox ONE will be more an “entertainment system” than a “video game system” with all of the features it offers aside from gaming. I mean from what he explained to me and then I saw on the Xbox when I, too, checked it out–the Xbox ONE takes video gaming to a whole new level. The features this thing has is unreal:

~Voice-powered and voice-recognition; turned on by saying, “Xbox, on”
~Comes with a brand-new updated Kinect with it instead of separate like it is now- and it will even be able to detect a person’s heartbeat!
~Instant switching from Xbox to Kinect to TV to DVD
~Skype capable (camera included!)
~Snap mode- ability to take pictures and screenshots
~Ability to watch your cable/satellite programming right from your Xbox
~Major update to Xbox LIVE (the online gaming platform–Kodey talks to his best friend
Michael while they play video games together)
~Multiple USB ports
~Windows 8 (WOW!)
~Practically silent operation
~Games are downloaded to the hard drive–eliminating the need for a disc at all.
~Game DVR–can record your game play and later play it back for your friends!

I’m sure I missed a lot of the features, but even my 9 year-old, Matthew, is stoked about this one. I bought my three kids a WiiU last November the day it came out and you want to know how much that sucker cost? $350. Wanna guess how much they actually play with it? Uhh, never. I thought I was doing something super awesome but I later found out that the WiiU isn’t a “cool” gaming system like the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3. I wish I had held off on getting the WiiU until I asked them if they wanted it, but oh well. Lessons learned, right?

Kodey just came in the room with his iPod notes and began rattling off the things he just learned about the Xbox ONE. I told him I was writing a blog about it, so I updated the above already with the many things he had to share. It sounds like this new Xbox console is going to bring families together in the living room, since the Xbox ONE can be used to do everything your family loves about tv viewing, DVD viewing, etc. This will be a welcome occurrence in many homes, where teenagers are holed up in their rooms playing games separate from the rest of the family. If it does indeed bring my kids into the family room and away from their dark, private rooms, I look forward to this new Xbox console coming out solely for that.

Please post comments with your thoughts about this new advance gaming console, the Xbox ONE. Thanks for reading!



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  2. I enjoyed your blog about the XBox One that was recently unveiled. IT was a very wonderful and informative piece of work–I did not have any knowledge of any of the things you shared in that article. Thank you! I subscribed to your blogroll.


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