Image If you or anyone you know, or if anyone you know, knows anyone from the Cincinnati-area or Crescent Springs, Kentucky-area of Ohio who worked at Buffalo Wings & Rings in Crescent Springs, Ohio or who may know anyone who used to work at that store in November and/or December 2007–this is EXTREMELY, EXTRAORDINARILY IMPoRTaNt!! Please have anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone (there, did I cover EVERYONE??) PLEASE have the person or persons get in to immediate contact with me by posting on one of my 8 blog sites: lulubelle7537.livejournal.com; jen-abeautifullifegonebad.blogspot.com; our-little-devil-brat.weebly.com; lulubelle7537.xanga.com; http://www.tumblr.com/blog/thats-the-shizzle-dang; lulubelle7537.hubpages.com; or by going on to my Professional Profile & Portfolio for Freelance Writing: lulubelle7537.elance.com….

They can also email me at lulubelle7537@yahoo.com or at lulubelle7537@artlover.com

**This is very, very, important–it is so important that I am offering a reward of $100 out of my own pocket for anyone who is the one who successfully helps me locate the person I need (it is a person who possibly witnessed something which occurred in November or December 2007 which very possibly was witnessed by one or more people, and if I am able to find the person who witnessed certain events on a certain evening at Buffalo Wings & Rings in Crescent Springs, Kentucky at 2440 High Street, right outside of Downtown Cincinnati it would make a lot of problems in my life go away forever and I really, really want that…!!!! So please, everyone, I am literally ON MY KNEES BEGGING….scroll down!!


Okay, that’s not really me…but only because I’m in my pjs right now!

If anyone has any questions about this, or thinks they may have info but isn’t quite sure, PLEASE email me and ask me or explain the circumstances to me! This being resolved is the only way that I would be able to get out of a really screwed up situation I am in because someone LIED about the events of a certain evening back in 2007 and I will not rest until I have proven that this…person….is a FUCKING LIAR and the person she has been lying to will know once and for all, that I am not a liar, that I have never lied to him (since I was a child), and I haven’t seen him in a year, what possible reason would I have for lying??

Thank you to all of my nearly 500 subscribers and readers, I hope to get that number up to 1,000 by the end of summer!!

Remember, $100– and however the person who earns that $100 would like it–20s, 10s, even 1s–DONE! I will even go out and get a gift certificate to absolutely any place you or they would like!  GooD LucK!! (I am in no way affiliated with Buffalo Wings & Rings, LLC, or anyone related to Buffalo Wings & Rings; it is purely a matter of circumstance that I was there on the evening in Question. Thank you!



  1. Hi LuLuBelle

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and following my future posts. I hope you find reading my posts enjoyable. Many thanks for mentioning me on your site which i also perused and now are following.


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