**Peanuts Banned From Edgewater, Florida School…What Do You Think About This?**

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Last year there was a ban on peanuts in an elementary school because one little girl was so allergic to peanuts she could die if exposed to something as insignificant to the average person as peanut dust. The school took action the day that little girl’s parents signed her up at the school and not only banned peanuts and peanut butter products of all kinds from the school, but any product that was so much as made in the same facility as peanuts, was banned. Which meant all parents of children at that school had to figure out something else for their kids to eat if peanut butter sandwiches is the only thing they like, not to mention, the parents had to go through anything they sent with their children to school each and every day and make sure that it did not have a warning on the back of the package stating that it was made in a peanut facility. If it was, it was treated like a peanut product. Furthermore, the school made every child in the school wash their hands right when they got to school and immediately after lunch. Many parents were angry that they had to completely change their children’s lives around for one child’s allergy, while other parents felt it was necessary due to the severity of the allergy.
The question was posed to me: With the given information, explain your feelings about this. Are you for or against the ban that was placed on the school in Edgewater, Florida?
I remember when this story first was brought up in my daughter’s literature class and she had to write an essay either defending the ban or defending the parents who were against the ban. It was something that happened in Florida last year or the year before and it was a huge deal at the time. I remember what my reaction was then, and now that I have had plenty of time to think about it and decide for certain how I feel about it, I definitely still feel, as I did when I first heard about this, that the school was very wrong and inappropriate to completely inconvenience the entire student body of that school as well as their parents, because one child had a peanut allergy. My daughter asked me how I could be so insensitive–it’s not insensitive at all, I feel terrible for that little girl and her family, I can only imagine the toll that has taken on the family, the parents and their marriage…but at the same time, at the risk of sounding completely uncaring, I believe one child’s condition, no matter how severe, should not affect anyone else’s life. Not one person, besides the parents. It isn’t right to put all of the people involved through the stress of being held responsible for not only banning peanuts and products made around peanuts from their child’s life, but also making one little girl’s condition everyone else’s problem. Do I think that it’s sad? Of course I do! It’s terrible! But it’s not every other person who attends that school’s problem.
One way to look at it is this: if I went in to the school and told the administrators that my child was allergic to animals–let’s say cats–and the parents asked that the school not allow anyone to come to school with clothes on they’ve worn around cats, thereby causing the families to have to make sure their children change their clothes every day before school and not touch their cats once they do. What is the difference with this, and what happened in Florida? Nothing. It’s the exact same scenario, just with a different thing the child is allergic to. You know what the Florida example is such a big deal? Because it’s peanuts. Doctors and Nurses and the entire medical community as a whole in addition to the media, have drilled it in parents heads about the dangers of peanuts when a child has allergies. In the “cat” example, why shouldn’t it be treated the same way? I guarantee you that anyone who was told by their child’s school that there is a child with a severe cat allergy who could die from it, so they need to send their child to school with clean, un-cat-touched clothes on each and every day–those parents would first laugh their butts off, then they would sit down and start writing a letter to the school telling how outrageous that is. peanut.free.zone2
I don’t think it’s right to do something for one child that you’re not willing to do for all children. That little girl with the severe peanut allergy, while very sad, tragic, and unfortunate, should be getting homeschooled and having her own world as well as that of her parents changed to accomodate her, not changing everyone else’s world to accomodate her. At some point, the parents of that little girl are going to worry that the people at that school have let their guard down because any period of time passes without anything happening. Every single day would be full of constant worry that “today will be the day that our little girl dies from peanut exposure”. To be honest, if I was the parents of that little girl, I wouldn’t trust all the people at that school to do a good enough job monitoring the kids at the school and making them wash their hands that their child is safe to be around them. They are risking exposing their daughter to peanuts or products which were produced near peanuts, by trusting all the people to do what they need done. It’s very irresponsible of them and arrogant to think everyone will automatically and fully follow the procedure they have requested be enacted. I only hope that little girl doesn’t get surprised by a new kid at that school who was missed in the rules being explained, and therefore is exposed to one child who just got done eating a peanut butter sandwich in the car on the way to school. I don’t think the condition of any child should be put before any other child in any way, and that’s exactly what happened when the Florida school changed all those children’s lives to accomodate the one little girl. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do that for my child, either. I would elect to homeschool my child; that would be the safest choice for the child anyway. What do you think? Please send me your comments on this, I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. I completely think that was ridiculous and I can’t believe that school would be so stupid to make everyone go through all of that just for one God damned little brat. If my kid went to that school I would be raising hell down at the school office because that should not have happened! What were these people thinking? What were they really trying to accomplish? It couldn’t be the one kid, were they trying to make a bigger point? You should dig a little deeper and see if there’s more to it than that.


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