Do Not Disturb…

I used to be extremely concerned and obsessed with my online privacy. I didn’t want anyone I didn’t know to see any pictures of me and if they did I had to be fully covered and have my hair and makeup done, and the picture had to be one I approved of… my attitude, beliefs and feelings about everything in this world just about have completely changed the last few years and I have gone from being overly concerned with issues like privacy and security of my information to be completely unconcerned about it at all. I believe that my feelings have never been a concern of anyone but me, and so I have come to realize that nobody else in this world really cares who I am, how I present myself, and/or how I’m portrayed on my blogs, on my profiles, on my websites, etc. therefore they don’t care about my information, either. And I have come to realize that all they SHOULD be concerned about is the person I am on the inside and if they aren’t–if they are concerned about anything other than that, then they are most likely someone I do not want hanging around my blogs, websites, social media profiles, etc. but if they are, that’s really their deal not mine; as long as they stay away from me and don’t do anything to harm me personally or professionally, I really don’t care what they do with my pictures or information. If I knew they had someone destroyed it or damaged it, I would be upset because that’s disrespectful to do to someone else’s information and/or artistry. 

I think Facebook goes seriously overboard with their concern and choices for privacy…I can’t believe the people who make this big old deal about how Facebook is displaying their information or else sending them certain types of emails they don’t like. In let’s get real–Facebook has gone completely overboard with everything. I was on–an online aptitude test for any social media website or platform, any program, feature, job, skill,  etc. that you can think of, pretty much. I have taken nearly 100 tests on their, I have become master or expert at, I’m proud to say, more than 10% of them (and yes, some of them are very, very important ones, like Management and English Grammatical Skills–but I am also proud to say that I received 100% on the Family Guy test–come on now, that’s important too! Anyone who wants to make themselves feel better about the things they know and are able to do, should definitely stop by and try out their tests. But back to my point! Facebook’s test on Smarterer (yes, you can take a test to see how much you know about Facebook) and I am actually PROUD to say that I pretty much failed the test. I was scored so low that 90% of users scored higher than I did. I was a little upset at first but, it shows that I don’t spend very much time on there and I don’t! And I’m proud to say that I don’t.

There is only one reason I brought up this very valid point. Someone in my family sent a text message to my husband and said to him that, “Jen can share her deepest thoughts and feelings with the whole world if she wants to but tell her to please take our names and photos out of it...” Come on….! I had their first names only in a couple of blogs, and the photo I had up of my family was ten years old and didn’t have any names on it. It’s a blog about my family! And I’m new to the blogging world. This blog is by far my best one but one of my three others–one which had two photos up in two separate blogs of my family– only has 40 or 50 followers…and it’s almost all people I know. I swear to god that the whole privacy thing has just gotten out of hand. What possible reason could someone have for not wanting their name or face in a blog that’s relatively unknown? I could definitely understand the concern if I was like, super- mega- popular and had hundreds of thousands of followers but not little ‘ole me, come on.

Just sayin….

Social Media and Privacy–don’t really go together, do they




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