The normal

Being normal, for me, is about what makes me comfortable. When I think about wearing "normal" clothes to go out for the day, I think about wearing what makes me feel comfortable, what makes me feel the least inhibited and that I can move around in and be free. I used to think that "normal" was a word that was referring to "everyone else" around me, rather than about me, and my preferences, and my beliefs. What I want, in other words, is what matters. Normal to me is all about me and has nothing to do at all with anyone else's feelings or preferences.

So, for me…the question is being normal a good thing? ABSOLUTELY. Being normal is when I'm my most comfortable and least restricted. It is absolutely a fantastic state of being…

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  1. Wearing clothes so baggy that it’s inconspicuous that you’re not wearing underwear beneath is also ranks among the best feelings ever. Better yet, not having to wear neither clothes nor underwear in the privacy of your own house.

    I’m not a perverted weirdo, I assure you. I’m just…normal xD


    1. Hey I’m with ya sister!! I sit typing this very response to you in a very loose top which makes inconspicuous the braless breasts I’m wearing…I’m not a weirdo, I’m not normal either tho xD


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