Stepmothers Really Aren’t So Bad…

Stepmothers Really Aren't So Bad...

This poem really touched me. I have been with my husband over sixteen years and only one year did one of my stepdaughters do something for me to make me feel special, and believe me, IT DID. It was the absolute best part of Mother’s Day that year. It was 2004 and I will never forget it.



  1. Thank you for this. I’m not sure many people understand how difficult it is being the third parent. And certainly the Stepmother’s role is not for everyone. While their desire is no different than the mother’s – to be loved and valued -, through the most difficult of times they must continue to love from a selfless place, while lacking the surety a mother has in having carried and born that child presently screaming “I hate you!”
    My stepmother entered the scene when I was age 4. It wasn’t always roses and lollypops, but, a grown woman now, I can fully appreciate the endeavor of trying to help raise a child who inherently resents a third set of eyes with which to ultimately punish them. Luckily we don’t stay teenagers for too long!

    ~ Cara


    1. Cara your comment was wonderful and certainly would be much appreciated to hear from my now 31 and 33 year old stepdaughters but will never happen so I gave up years ago. Love the effort you made to clear the air with your stepmother though. That was very considerate and I’m certain she appreciated it! 😉


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