Nothing Worse Than a Summer Flu Bug…

I hate summer. I live in a city where it gets very hot, up to 110 at times and lately, the humidity level has been very high. I generally hate going outside between the months of May and October here, and when I DO go outside it’s for the kids; for example, I’m buying my kids and a friend a Raging Waters pass so that they have something fun to do at least once every week or two. I used to love going to water parks and amusement parks when I was younger. When did I become so uncool and boring? I mean, I’m almost 40 but in most ways I consider myself to be a young 38 year old, I don’t look nearly as old as I am, and I certainly don’t dress my age but I don’t look like a 40 or 50 year old trying to be cool. People are always guessing my age as 25-28. Never even 30. 

But I did start pre-menopause this last summer, which could be the problem. I think once you hit the stage of pre-menopause, cool or not, you kind of lose a little bit of oomph, if you know what I mean…  But the weather has been absolutely beautiful here the last week. I mean…BEAUTIFUL. Not above 90 degrees most days, but mostly in the mid-80s the past eight days straight. And wouldn’t you know, that I would contract some kind of nasty flu-bug six days ago that has me vomiting like crazy and so nauseated I feel like I just stepped off the Gravitron at the local carnival–you remember that one, the one where you’re standing up against a flat pad, and when it starts spinning you can’t even lift your hands up off that pad because it’s moving so fast. And when you get off Gravitron, you feel like you’re going to lose your lunch; and the cotton candy you just consumed….and the pink popcorn before that…and the soda… why can’t we eat like this anymore, anyway? Ugh, just checking my work here I feel a little more nauseated than I already was… So let me just be honest. Right now, I don’t even care how uncool I am or how uncool I appear to be.  All I care about right now is how clean the toilet is when I start feeling nauseated, because that has been my special place the last six days…

I admit I do feel a little worried, I mean, vomiting for six days straight is just not normal, and I suppose I’m a little scared…which would explain why I haven’t even placed a phone call to my Doctor yet. But there are certainly flu-bugs which last a week, right? I mean, if it went in to an eighth day, I would most definitely have to call the Doctor, but no, no….there’s not going to be an eighth day, I’m sure of it….I’m sure I will wake up tomorrow, the seventh day, and feel much, much better…ugh, let’s hope so, because I don’t know how much more of my toilet I can take…


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