Two Additional Pages…Why I Am Who I Am Today

I have completed the two pages I have been working on…my About Me page and the page I’ve struggled with greatly, How I Became A Writer. I wanted to write a brief story telling about how I got into writing, because it’s a very interesting story, I feel; there is a lot of drama and lot of depth to it. It’s not just a “one day I decided to be a writer” kind of story, there’s so much more to it than that. I went through hell the nearly five years before I started writing, and it’s a story that most people would find very interesting, and unusual. I would even say it’s a touching story. I was a completely different person in 2008, I was the General Manager of the restaurant my husband and I had recently opened with my family; I worked my butt off every single day, I loved my job, I loved my employees, I loved having a restaurant with my family… then I fell one night in the kitchen of our restaurant, and was badly injured (the whole entire story behind this can be found on my first HubPages hub–the link to it is also on my How I Became A Writer page). Through that injury, other back problems were discovered, which caused my Doctor to immediately decide that Oxycontin was the best solution to my pain problem, and it changed my life forever.

I’m so proud of how far I have come the past few years. Three years ago, for example, I was struggling just to make it through the day, let alone think about doing anything such as writing, or blogging, or doing web design… I went through a lot, mentally, to get to the point of being in a place where I can write and/or blog each and every day; I have a good daily schedule that I try to stick to, and it’s such a different place than where I once was. I’m a good Mom again. A good Mom who writes. And blogs. And feel good about that. Really good. So please check out my pages. I’m still going to be adding some material to How I Became a Writer, because it’s a really long story, and I took some of it out because I felt it divulged too much about myself; but it’s part of the story and I think it says something about my character– the fact that I went from being that person, to being this person. I’m seriously contemplating putting that material back in. Some people may not like that I put it back in, but that’s just too damn badImage

I hope you’re interested enough to take a little peak at it…


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