49ers vs. Raiders

I grew up with an extremely large family from the San Francisco Bay Area, Kensington is the name of their little town, it’s between Richmond and Oakland. They had season tickets every single year to the San Francisco 49er games. My Dad’s Uncle secured the tickets while his kids were growing up so they could experience the games every year, so they are major major fans. I went to a lot of games as a kid and it was very important to my family. In fact, my family’s entire week coming up was determined by whether or not the 49ers played good and won on Sunday. If they lost, my family (still is like this) would be extraordinarily angry and pissed off all week.

When my Uncle passed away in 1994 I was pregnant with my first child, I had just turned 19 when football season started. After he died, his kids, now grown with children of their own, took over the season tickets–but they were shocked when they realized how much their Dad had been paying for the tickets every year. They were well over $1,000 and they could only afford the tickets for a few years, then they had to let them go. They were all just sick about it. My Dad, who worshiped his Uncle, wanted to get the tickets but he knew it wasn’t practical because he didn’t live in the Bay Area–he lived in Placerville, on the way up to South Lake Tahoe. I never understood why my Dad didn’t buy the tickets every year, because he could more than afford them, and then he could have let his family make payments to him. But he must have had a good reason.

I married a man at 22 years old who is an Oakland Raiders fan. Raiders fans hate 49er fans, and vice versa. My husband wanted me to “convert” to his team, as he believed that when a man and a woman get married, the woman should “take over his team”, and now that I think about it, that is just completely ridiculous and chauvinistic. 49ers.raidersI have a cousin who is a die-hard Pittsburg Steelers Fan. His wife is a MAJOR die-hard 49ers fan. It is incredibly enjoyable being with them on game days because they are so cute about it–she’s kind of a tomboy, and really in to sports. I love how they tease each other about their team choice when they’re watching a game. How fun is that? It makes their marriage interesting.  I’m really hard on my husband, he is very playful about my family liking the 49ers; actually since we’ve been married he has watched football less and less. I fully respect that he is a Raiders fan, I think it’s very important that a person stick by their team and when you get married someday, you just make it a fun and playful part of your marriage.

Long live the 49ers! (and the Raiders…:)

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