*Barter Queen*

Oh my goodness this is an awesome question. If the world worked on a barter system, I would definitely be taken well care of for life. My husband and I own a very successful restaurant in Antelope, California, called Bluto's Sports Grill; my husband built this restaurant in 2011. It's an extremely nice restaurant; it's about 5,000 square feet, it has a fabulous bar that we designed ourselves, it has the ability to seat 40 people; both sides of the bar are accessible. It is the most amazing bar I have ever seen. Bluto's serves a wide variety of American dishes, everything from bacon cheeseburgers to fancy salads to prime rib french dips. We have a great crowd of regulars who come in, some even come in daily. On Tuesday and Saturday nights we have karaoke; we have an awesome, gigantic digital jukebox, two pool tables, four video games, and 22 big screen tvs–one is 76 inches. I could use my restaurant as a means of bartering.

Furthermore, I have a candle business and a freelance writing business. I do any type of writing, including writing research and term papers for college students, any type of business letter, resumes, as well as ghostwriting and copywriting, or writing content for someone as if you were them. I'm really good at writing content for bios and About Me on a website, blog, or social media sites. I make fantastic smelling candles, which come in different size jars, and they are getting ready to be in shops all around Sacramento County, and possibly even El Dorado and Placer Counties. I wanted to make extremely good quality candles, ones whose scent is so extraordinary that when burning, it can fill up an entire downstairs area of a home with the scent. as a means of bartering, and my writing services. My husband and I are also opening up a second restaurant, only this one is going to be extremely fancy–as in waiters wear tuxedos-fancy, and we will be serving 7-course meals. That restaurant will add to our bartering capabilities.

Between the restaurant, my candles, and my writing services, whose cost is sometimes very high (up to $30 per hour, depending on the job and amount being done), but never less than $10.00 per hour. Having a well-written resume or a business letter that successfully persuades someone, which mine will do, is worth quite a bit of money to some people. I worked on a Senior Thesis with one UC Davis student, who had overloaded on classes that semester and was seriously struggled. She paid me to get it going for her, because she said she didn't have any more creative juices to tap into, and she knew once I got it going for her, that she could take it from there. I made $200 on that project, for which I did a large portion of the research, and I wrote a few pages of the paper.

I don't think my family would starve, by any means, if the world was on a barter system. On the contrary, I would be someone who was able to provide many many different bartering items. There are three businesses owned by me, and I know quite well how to operate them, as I was the General Manager in our first restaurant (this is our third), so I can also provide managerial services. I, Jen Terry, would be the Bartering Queen!

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