I have seven blogs. One of my blogs is called Evil StepMonster Chronicles ( and I started it because I'm 38 years old with two stepdaughters, ages 33 and 31. It has been extraordinarily difficult being married to their father in recent years. Because of a serious injury I incurred in 2008 when I slipped and fell really hard in the back kitchen of the restaurant. It was because of that injury that I eventually got put on Norco. About six months later I noticed the pain had gotten even worse. Two MRIs showed that I have eight bulging discs in my lower and middle back as well as advanced degenerative disc disease. Because of this news, the Doctor finally believed me that my pain was extremely intense She decided to put me on OxyContin, and that started the struggle of a lifetime; I didn't think I would make it through and I'm very lucky I did because there were some times I almost died. Well, my reason for telling about this blog is this: my addiction to OxyContin was so bad that it destroyed many relationships I had with people in my life, and two of those people were my stepdaughters. I had a lot of feelings of real bitterness and resentment for a long, long time and I knew that if I just started a blog and wrote about them on a regular basis, it would bring me closer to them. And it did. I have also known for a long time how they have the same kind of feelings toward me. The thing is~regardless how they treat me, what they think, how bitter they are deep in their hearts~ I will always love them. Evil StepMonster Chronicles is a blog about our crazy, blended-family life and I've actually had a huge response to it from people. I just want to help a stepmom to know the right thing to say, or a stepchild to share her feelings..I have experience in this field as I'm a stepmom, like I mentioned; however, I also have a degree in Psychology and relationships and family was one of my most cherished and high-graded subjects.

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