How To Lose Your Facebook Friends in Seven Days

I read a little poem recently that said “The only people who care about Facebook are the people who were mean to you and hated you in high school, and your actual friends. Ever had a Facebook friend who you don’t know very well? For whatever reason–maybe you went to high school with this person and just didn’t have any classes with them or you straight up just didn’t like them back then; maybe one of you moved away and just never had the opportunity to get acquainted? Or, like in my case, maybe you were bullied? Whatever the case may be, it’s now twenty years later and you’re friends with just about everyone in your graduating class from middle school and high school. It’s so funny to me how everyone is friendly now, but they wanted nothing to do with me in high school. Nevertheless, all that matters is that they are being nice now. I’m trying here…


But how many of those people–the ones you barely knew in high school but who are extraordinarily nice, ask you how your day was? Or ask about your life at all? Think back–how many genuine conversations have you gotten into with any of those people? None, right? I will admit, there is one girl who used to be horribly mean to me but who now interacts with me often when I post pictures, but it’s only on the occasions when I post pictures. I don’t understand the way that people who bullied someone as a child or adolescent are able to talk to that person or instant message, whatever the case may be, as an adult without even thinking twice about it and certainly without apologizing. I almost sent an instant message one day to a girl who used to bully me–and her older brother was the leader of the bully groups that used to torment me in sixth grade in particular-she is now very successful in her field and I’m sure she makes good money. She’s real homely now, whereas she was beautiful as a kid and young teen. I mean this girl was so beautiful as a child and through high school she looked like she would be a model. She now is completely unattractive and actually looks like she is a lesbian: she’s very manly, completely unfeminine. Anyhow I have terrible memories and I’m very curious if she remembers bullying me. Does she remember how she treated me? How could she not? It wasn’t a one- or two-time thing; we’re talking months and months in sixth grade. I would say five months this went on.


One day I was sitting there at my computer, thinking to myself how I harbor some very resentful feelings inside about the way I was treated back then and if I can’t get an apology out of the douche bags, then I want to see tge kind of people–the kind of friendthey really are now. What would be considered crossing the line with these people? Keep in mind that I am friends with these individuals not because I think they have undergone some miraculous changes and that now they are incredibly nice people nor am I anywhere near the point where I’m thinking to myself and possibly even saying to others, “How was I so wrong about this person? I can’t believe it’s the same person.” I am friends with these people for one reason and one reason only: I want to know if they have changed. if they have children , how do they feel about the possibility or reality, possibly, of their own child being bullied?


So we are going to see how good of friends these people really are. This game doesn’t exclude anyone so you can find online one of those posters that says, “If you are really my friend and you truly care about me, please repost this and write a little note back to the person”. Then, if the poem says to give them five days, give a couple extra; let’s figure seven days. Here’s the rule: ANYONE WHO DOES NOT REPOST OR SHARE THE POEM WILL BE UNFRIENDED. I don’t think any further explanation is necessary you get it right?

When you finish the game, report back this entry with your comments, please. Thank you! See ya soon!


One Comment

  1. You didn’t ask but I’ll give you my opinion anyway… Lol. If I got that message from a Facebook “friend” who wasn’t a real life friend (_which I try to avoid friending people if they aren’t a part of my real life) I would unfriend the person right away. (How many times can I repeat the word friend in one comment?). I hate the implied ultimatums and emotional blackmail all over fb. “If you think killing baby kittens is wrong like and repost this. Let’s see which of my friends isn’t a baby kitten killer”. I just don’t respond well to subtle manipulation and never repost or share anything that uses shady tactics. If you enjoy a persons posts and it brings you joy to stay in touch awesome. Otherwise delete.


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