City Morgue….

Imagine waking up in a freezing cold morgue and realizing that you were covered up with a sheet and about to be given an autopsy. You slowly realize whats happening although it takes a minute to come to and there’s a sheet covering your entire face and it’s so cold you can see your breath through the sheets…

You throw the sheets off and look around, only to discover you’re in the scariest part of the hospital–the area downstairs where people are taken who have passed on and are preparing to undergo an autopsy. There are dozens of bodies sitting on gurneys being stored at 32 degrees Fahrenheit sitting in the hallway at the hospital..except for one small thing….. you aren’t dead. Not by a long shot.

You immediately sit up and begin screaming to alert the hospital staff of your waking and being in the wrong place. They rush over to you and immediately begin administering the appropriate medications and procedures as well as alert hospital staff that there is a patient who had been improperly placed in the morgue area of the hospital when she was, well, very obviously not deceased.

This happened to a lady I met the other day at the Doctors office. She was telling another patient and they were trying to think of the word “autopsy”…they described the word they were trying to think of–the lady telling the story said “you know…that procedure they do before they bury a person but after a person dies, it lets the Doctors know what caused a person to die” to which I replied, “autopsy?”….I absolutely couldn’t believe my ears. I realize it…this woman was telling the story of how she was “almost given an autopsy” she said….after putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and thinking about what the lady had said–and also explaining the story to my highly educated son, I realized this story had been embellished quite a bit– but it still fascinated me nonetheless and I asked the woman if she would mind me writing about her experience in the blog.

That’s the second story I’ve heard about Methodist Hospital. Yikes! Sacramentens Beware!


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