THIS…Terribly Lost Soul Was Once My Daughter’s IDOL?

Who is this poor girl obviously trying to get back at someone!

Please take a quick look at the featured image: Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was, hmmm, how shall I put this? Picture Hannah Montana trying to be a “big girl” doing a disgusting, embarrassing dance routine that would make Jenna Jameson uncomfortable.

Miley Cyrus recently performed at the Video Music Awards 2013 in Brooklyn, New York, and…well, what can I say to accurately describe my disgust, shame, and at the same time, pity? To be quite honest, I am speechless. WTF sums it up pretty well I suppose…

Miley Cyrus is very different than all of the other headliners right now in her age bracket, can you think of how she is different? She has a father who was once a gigantic super star, despite the fact that he is responsible for one of the all-time biggest song bombs ever to hit the U.S. market: Achy Breaky Heart, sporting a mullet. I, and I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit this, thought that was a fantastic song, it had a good beat.

I remember like it was yesterday when there was controversy over THIS photo…

Do you want to hear my brutally honest and unfiltered opinion of his 20 year old daughter’s performance at the VMAs? I am probably one of the World’s most open-minded, nonjudgmental, sexually open and forgiving people on the face of the earth. But, come on! Everyone has limits! It would be a completely different story if this raunchy young girl {with one of the most unattractive haircuts I’ve ever seen} had not been on the Disney Channel and a major, MAJOR part of the life of my precious angel and the lives of every young girl I can possibly think of today..I know there are a lot of highly enraged parents right now; I am the open-minded one, remember? In my opinion, she has a moral responsibility to portray herself in a way that the one-time World’s Most Famous Adolescent for her portrayal of Miley Stewart (alongside her Country Rock Star Dad Billy Ray Cyrus) as a typical teenage girl living a double life; by day she’s a nerdy, picked-on by the popular kids, insecure 14 year-old teenager who spends every day with her two best friends in the world, Lily (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchell Musso) who doubles as Hannah Montana, a super-SUPER pop star who wants to be able to live the life of a normal girl so hides who she really is, the only non-family members who know being Lily and Oliver. This show was wildly popular and I will never forget the first time my daughter discovered Hannah Montana. ANNOYING! Cute yet nerdy teenage girl who acts spoiled being the idol of MY precious little girl? However, she was not only disgustingly inappropriate, she went too far this time. This is just over-the-top. I have decided it might be much more beneficial to my baby girl if I were to just sign her up for a girls-only synagogue; she’d be fine with that right? (Ok, she would be hysterical. You’re off the hook kiddo.

I will say this much…I would take the cute yet nerdy teenage girl ANY DAY over the girl who appeared in the performance on the VMAs August 25th in New York, who claimed to be Miley Cyrus but, could it possibly be? Unfortunately, yes, it Miley Cyrus. And she gyrates her hips, makes out with girls, kisses with a barbie doll, slaps girl’s booties, shows her tongue constantly, but most shocking, in my opinion was the lyrics: “…to my home girls here at the strip club, shaking it like we at a strip club…” during which Miley, who appeared to be making an attempt to speak in ebonics, was bent completely over in what appeared to be sheer white capri leggings with no panties under them, and she was shaking her ass better than some strippers I’ve seen, and I’ve been to MANY strip clubs. Or how about these lyrics? “…remember only God can judge us, forget the haters, cuz someday loves ya…. everyone in line in the bathroom, tryin to get a line in the bathroom…” I literally felt sick to my stomach throughout most of this song just because of the lyrics, but you know what the worst part was? She sounded like she was trying to teach the world a lesson: I’m gonna do what I want, I’m gonna act like a disgusting, cheap whore and you know what? You can just sit there and like it or shut up! My god what happened to Miley? She is just a shell of the former self that was the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus… miley.evil2


Bottom line, this performance screams “Spoiled Brat Daughter of Washed-Up Country Singer” making a lame, obvious attempt to stand up and scream “I will say or do what I want, when I want, and in front of who I choose, and be disrespectful and immoral and disgusting, and guess what Dad? There is nothing you can do about it! After all, we have an image to uphold!

I’m very disappointed in Miley. She is better than this. One day she will look back at this and she will get a huge pit in her stomach representing the disgust she feels for herself and for making such an inappropriate decision..not only did she spit in the faces of all of the kids and parents who made her famous more than a half-decade ago, but she made her parents look like the world’s worst parents on the planet! Somehow I have a strong feeling her parents aren’t the least bit upset about this; in fact, I would be willing to bet my extraordinarily pricey 2-karat diamond anniversary band that her parents, sadly (more like sickly), were supportive of this performance. Come on Miley, you’re not a 3 year-old trying to prove to Mommy you are big enough to be out of a high chair, or a 10 y/o trying to prove you are old enough to cross the street without Mommy crossing with you, or..better yet…a spoiled brat 16 y/o throwing a fit because she did get a fancy Sweet Sixteen party. “But honey we already celebrated you being 15 years and 364 days old! We are exhausted from the other 363 parties we have thrown for you this year Miley. miley.cyrus5

Wa Wa Wa! STFU Miley Cyrus and take a good look in the mirror sweetheart because you are making a complete fool of yourself, and you’re scaring people away! Hello! Record sales! Her parents oughtta take that little out-of-control, overdramatized little shit over their knees–yes, I said knees, first her Mom should and then her Dad should! You know what I picture Miley Cyrus having as her normal, every day attitude? Thinking it’s okay to talk down to people, even her parents, who have been nothing but supportive of her career, and each day she tries to outdo the shock factor of the day before. I wish her luck, because she better consider a backup plan (can anyone say STRIP CLUB?) because America is disgusted by this new image, and I think that’s exactly how Miley wanted it.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I didn’t watch the VMA’s but I certainly watched the footage of her performance and I was far from impressed. I sometimes like contraversial – it results in fantastic debates and publicity for certain artists, but all I saw was a young girl, in desperate need of a cheeseburger or ten, grinding and pulling facial expressions that made her look like she was having some sort of seizure. I read a tweet that described her as a ‘functioning Amanda Bynes’ and it made me incredibly sad… I hope that whoever she is surrounding herself with has the guts to tell her what a mess she is…

    Great post.


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