Save Time…Save MoNeY on Do It Yourself Home Repair!


Have you ever considered not only the amount of time but the MONEY you could potentially save on completing any home repair projects you need done, bydoing it yourself? You probably currently hire out home repair, right? You could potentially save thousands of dollars or more each year by completing home repair projects on your own rather than utilizing a pricey home repair service!

A couple of months ago I hired a teenager who just graduated high school and was saving money for college to clean up my backyard–which my two dogs had torn up–for $50; I told him it should take 2-3 hours. So I seriously screwed myself on that one because if it had taken longer than 2-3 hours, which it most definitely would have, I would have had to pay extra, at least–I would have felt like I had to pay extra.

So my own teenage son (who has been out of high school for a year) spent two afternoons cleaning it; a job which, had I used the other kid–would most definitely have cost me well over $100! Not to mention, my son did a fantastic job! It was a nice sense of accomplishment for him, before moving to Minnesota. Twice earlier this year, furthermore, I hired out a repair service at a labor rate of $75 each time (for about an hour of work) to snake out my kitchen sink, which was clogged. My husband didn’t want to mess with it; this gives you a good idea how much labor costs for the simplest of jobs.

The DIY Repair blog gives tips on how to go about doing your own home repairs, so you can save money–money that can be used for other things–depending on how many repairs you need done each year. If you have a home which needs a great deal of repairs, you could save the money you would have spent on a home repair service, and take a small vacation!

Even if you only have one or two minor repairs every year–now is the best time to start doing it yourself, because when you have had the house more than about ten years, the chances of having frequent home repairs increases every year.  By the time that time comes, you will already have gotten accustomed to doing your own repairs. You can even ask questions at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot home improvement store. Most offer Do It Yourself classes during the week and/or on Saturdays, and they are FREE!

Now…show all of your family and friends how THEY can save money doing it themselves, too!


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