I Take Back What I Said About MiLeY

I have to admit–I was more than a little intrigued by Miley CyrusMTV Video Music Awards performance last month, in which she shocked the world with her raunchy dancing, tongue sticking out of her mouth (the entire time, no less), moving her hips as if she were having sex, making obscene gestures using a popular foam hand with a pointing finger, and last but not least–the infamous twerking. miley.cyrus3Emphasis definitely should be on the twerking Miley did up against Robin Thicke, which I think was most shocking, since during the performance, coming from the audience was a multitude of loud screams and shrieks. My recent post, This Terribly Lost Soul Was Once My Daughter’s Idol, was my initial reaction to the VMA performance; however, I basically bashed her, without digging a little deeper–and that’s not like me. Plus, my opinion has since changed dramatically since then.

Upon watching this video of Miley in her first interview since the MTV VMAs performance, I realized that, as much as us Disney parents don’t want to see the idol of our little girls grow up, or worse yet–to become a sexual being; knowing full well (though sometimes we don’t want to admit it)there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it, just as there is nothing we can do to stop our own children–particularly our daughters– from growing up. This interview, as well as the many miley.cyrusothers on YouTube, truly shows Miley’s good-natured and mature side, and she definitely handles the backlash of her shocking performance with grace and class. She makes some really good points. First of all, the artist she was 5 years ago in the midst of the Hannah Montana days, was the artist Disney wanted her to be. She was a teenager, and she clearly feels frustrated sometimes at still being treated like a teenager. She is 20 years old, in November she will be 21. She seemed as though she wanted to scream it out loud when she talked about how she is finally the artist she was meant to be, the artist she has always wanted to be. And her other very good point was a reminder of past performers doing the exact same thing on the VMAs: Britney Spears kissing Madonna, then Madonna kissing Christina Aguilera, and so on. That’s the perfect way for a breakout artist or, in Miley’s case, an artist who completely reinvents herself, to get out there and show the world who they are. It worked for Madonna, it worked for Britney, and guess what…it’s really working for Miley.

She is a grounded, mature, down-to-earth young lady and, now that I have seen her in more video clips, the new image and style she currently exhibits looks fantastic on her, and I believe she is doing an awesome job being the artist and performer she was meant to be. I have a great deal of respect for her now, and I hope that more Americans will, like me, give her a chance. You know what I had to do? I have to think of her as a completely new artist rather than thinking of her as “the girl my daughter used to watch on Disney”..she’s no longer that girl. She’s all grown up now, she’s a mature young woman with a good head on her shoulders, and she’s only going to get better, more famous, and more talented. Miley is an amazing artist and I don’t think the world has seen even a portion of what she will become.

Watch out, world! Miley Cyrus is just getting started…


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