Hard Knock Life for Me

Life can really be difficult at times. I swear it seems like every single time I think things are looking up, something happens to set me straight–life is just not meant to be “up” for me. I am not feeling sorry for myself-I’m merely stating the obvious, that I am correct in being a realist rather than an optimist because being an optimist when you are someone like me is nothing but frustrating. I wish life was like Avatar, the movie from a couple years ago; wouldn’t it be nice if we could check out of our “body” and take a break to eat a meal or smoke a cigarette or whatever else you do? I for one find it absolutely heavenly. Because I would not be sitting here typing a blog about how I wish I could check out, I would already be checked out. I think I would take a 30-day-er this time. Maybe read some of the books on my Goodreads list. I just wish I could bury my head in the sand right now like the crabs do.  I just need some time to read, relax, stop worrying about everyone and concentrate on my health and eating good; for one thing, I do not eat enough vegetables.  I just need to completely overhaul my current health regimen and start developing some good new habits so that I will have better health and feel more energized and vitalized.

It’s kinda like I need to have a New Year’s Resolution but in October 😀


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