Can’t Stand STuPiD, IGnORaNT PeopLE

It makes me sick when I write a post for my blog and shortly thereafter start getting messages/texts/phone calls asking me why I said this or that or what I meant by this or that. The thing that REALLY gets me, though, is when someone calls a member of my family or one of my long-time friends–obviously that someone is not the one who wrote the blog or anything associated with it, by the way–and is telling that person things I allegedly wrote which I know damn well I didn’t, nor did I write anything close to it. And they truly believe that I said the things they are saying.

You know there are some real busy-bodies in this world who love to cause drama, or to be in the center of where the drama is. Also lots of individuals who are fishing–you know, looking for something to hold against a person or to bitch about. Not to mention that people don’t have a very good memory if they can’t recall a very simple blog accurately. For example; someone says to one of my friends or family members a comment about my recent blog “about all of the constant conflict between the people in my house”. I did not say there is constant conflict. I said that I’m living with a group of interesting people and although there are sometimes issues which come up, we all have a pretty good friendship. I have all of my roommates on Facebook and I text with all of them as well. They are all nice people. 

If you’re going to read my blog posts, maybe you should take notes, perhaps prepare an outline of the entire blog and then every night before bed, study those notes. Then maybe you will be able to accurately recall what I wrote.

I have prepared a quiz on my blog for those of you who want to brush up…



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  1. I will admit I jumped on here to write a snarky comment, but decided against it and instead I will simply say nice post! Hopefully you don’t always have these issues with people, that can put a real damper on blogging. -OM


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