Verbal Abuse…The Invisible Abuse

Tell me, do you know anyone who is verbally abused on a regular basis? Perhaps a female friend whose spouse regularly belittles her, berates her, makes her feel like she is insignificant or worthless? Ever think to yourself that this form of teasing is humorous or witty?

Think again. Verbal abuse is one of the most significant forms of abuse a person withstands. Verbal abuse consists of a person putting down-using words-another person, either to purposely make the person feel bad about him or herself or out of frustration or irritability. I know about verbal abuse and it is a horrible thing for a person to endure by someone who claims to love him or her. But just like in circumstances of physical abuse by one person on another, apologies, promises, and sometimes only justifications come after the abuse and the victim feels ashamed, worthless and unwanted.

I want to tell anyone reading this who is a victim of abuse on a day-to-day basis that you can stop the abuse. Tell someone, ask for help, reach out to a family member or trusted friend.

Nobody deserves to be verbally abused: NOBODY. It breaks my heart to see others go through this because it is all too familiar to me and it pains me to witness anyone else going through it. I just want to run up to the person and scoop her (or him) up in my arms and hug her and make her feel loved.

If you witness verbal abuse by someone you know, or even someone you don’t–put a stop to it. Don’t sit back and let it occur with no consequences for the abuser. Too often the abuser continues up through the day he (or she) dies. That’s disheartening…



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