Listen To Me or I’ll Shoot !!

Now that I have your attention, I apologize, I’m being a little selfish right now and want everyone to stop what they are doing and listen to me, for a change. Thank you for going along with me, isn’t it much easier than an argument? 🙂

Ever had someone tell you that because of a bad decision you made (and you didn’t realize at the time it was a bad decision), there would be serious, irreversible consequences and that, if you didn’t make some changes in your life immediately, major changes in your life that is, the resulting consequences would be even worse? To make matters even more deplorable, they make all of these decisions about your life and the life of your family without really discussing it with you and you feel like your whole life is out of your control?

Okay imagine adding this to the situation: they tell you that you have to do a very specific act (herein referred to as X) in order to be able to reverse the decision they made, but then, as if a page were missing out of a book (the book being the situation itself), they won’t help you to figure out how to do X or how to get X completed in order for you to not only comply with their demands but also to get your life back to the way it was before this all started, or at least as close as possible to the way it was,  make your situation go back to the way it was. And after spending hours and hours online researching all of the government offices which are involved and which should be able to lead you the right solution, you are only more confused than before, nothing more.

What the hell?

I’m sure you’re scratching your head wondering what this is specifically talking about, but don’t think about that because the specifics aren’t the point; think about the fact that it doesn’t seem right that a government entity can tell you to do something, but then they won’t help you to actually get it done. The extent of their assistance has been this: “xxx is who you need to talk to” (and what, exactly, I ask myself, is “xxx”?) How frickin’ frustrating! And it turns out that there are a few steps I have to take before I get to xxx, but I’m not sure what they even are. This is a joke!

I have written letter after letter after letter (and I can write a damn good complaint letter, let me tell you) as well as email after email after email, to the supervisor, to the person over the supervisor, and I don’t know if anyone knows what an Ombudsman is but I just sent off a complaint to that person, and I’m going to be fit to be tied (oh my god, I sound like my Mommy, she always used to use that phrase when I was little) just completely angry if nothing is done about my very legitimate, nontrivial complaint which was ignored by the previous supervisors to which I made my complaints.

But the question still comes back to this: how can a government entity give a citizen an ultimatum, basically (if you do not do x, then y will be the consequences) and then not at least lead them in the right direction, help them to successfully comply with the ultimatum?

No wonder people like my husband hate accepting any government assistance; the less that we allow the government to be involved in our lives, in any way or for any reason, the better. I will explain the situation in more detail in a future post… thanks for letting me rant and rave today, all I do is bitch anymore, don’t I? I need to work on that… add it to the list of things I need to work on.


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