It’s All About Attitude


Every time I have ever had an ongoing argument with a friend or my husband or anyone else, once I was able to stop and see that my stubbornness was causing me to have an attitude problem; once I changed my attitude, the other person was also able to change his or her attitude, and we were able to maturely talk it out and move forward. Attitude, not anyone else’s attitude but one’s own attitude is what makes the difference between happiness and peace or conflict and

A wise and mature friend of mine who happens to be the most uniquely different person I have ever met; she’s African-American and about the same age as my parents, and she is a very nice, kind lady but also very brash and her words come out very…how can I say it…harsh. She told me that people need to learn to “carry more shit, got it?” she said. And I knew exactly what she meant, she was referring to people being sensitive to other people and the things that people say or do that may be different from what we are used to. We need to be able to carry a good-size load on our backs, it’s essential especially in the world we live in today: a bad economy, a lot of people out of work, and a lot of people either getting laid off after a short period of employment or being hired on a temporary basis. People need to toughen up and be able to handle more bad or negative stuff, because there is a lot more negativity around us every day and we can let it makes us better, or make us cower down and throw our hands up in defeat.


How we view the things going on around us changes how we view the world, does it not? So if we have a negative attitude about anything, really, it’s going to make us view the world so much differently than we would if, say, we were optimistic about the circumstances in our life or around us on a daily basis. But it’s not always practical to be optimistic, which is why I am a realist. A realist sees the world in a way that is much less likely to lead to disappointment in their life, and I don’t have room for anymore disappointment in my life, that’s for sure.

I will be the first one to admit I need a major attitude adjustment–and believe me, it’s something I am working on. I’m reading several books which I feel confident are going to have a positive impact on my overall attitude once I have completed each one. I would almost rather someone give me an attitude adjustment, but since that isn’t an option (though if anyone knows of someone who provides that service, please iMessage or email me at, and take note: I’m willing to pay good money for that!) for now, at least, I will continue to read these books, you can find my reading list on Goodreads.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”
~ Leo Tolstoy



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