Awkard Christmas Moment…Ikes!

Okay so everyone has those moments on holidays and with family regardless of whether or not your family is close to one another or not; awkward moments always come up for everyone so lets discuss one that happened for my husband and me yesterday, Christmas Eve, and please reply at the end and tell me: how would you deal with this scenario?

Someone comes to visit for the holidays with the plan of staying Christmas Eve, along with their child or children, and you find out just minutes before everyone is getting ready for bed and you, being the good parent who plays Santa every year without fail, just as you shower, brush your teeth and put clean underwear on every day–realize that, oh my goodness how do we handle this predicament at this hour–the other family is very low-income and will not be getting as much gifts as your kids. Being very serious about the Santa role every year, I think to myself, we don’t want the other kids to think Santa didn’t leave them as many presents or stocking stuffers because they were bad or did something wrong.

Here’s a rundown of the difference between what the kids will be receiving [present wise]: while our children would be getting gifts the likes of a laptop for my son and about $400 worth of clothes for my daughter, my husband’s sister’s grandson, our great-nephew, was getting a stocking–and only because my husband got him a stocking…but we asked his Mama if she had enough presents for him and she said she did…so I was playing Santa from 1am until 5am this morning, taking at least twice as long as it normally would because I didn’t want to wake anyone up so I was moving really slow trying to be extra quiet….

As I wrapped the presents and tried to figure out how to get our great-nephew something more from Santa than just a stocking, coming up short with Ideas since all the stores would be closed until later in the day on Christmas, I realized something….everyone does Christmas morning and the stocking and present thing a little differently. It’s a very individual tradition–some people do everything completely different from what my family does, or my in-laws, or my best friend’s family…what i believe is that 99% of the time people celebrate Christmas and practice the same rituals and traditions as they were brought up with. We can’t worry about everyone else’s Christmas not being what we think it should be when really, in most cases we don’t even know for sure what other people’s traditions are. My husband’s family is very different from my own famiy–I find it really special that when I spend Christmas with my in-laws, it’s a completely different experience than what I have with my own family.

It’s important that we appreciate how different everyone was brought up and how different they, in most cases, are bringing up their own children. It makes Christmas that much more unique and special… Merry Christmas, here’s to a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family and loved ones….



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