Forgive Me…Life Has Been A Whirlwind…a Twister of “Wizard of Oz” Proportions…!

A whole lot of life happenings have taken me by storm the past two months. Some very exciting things, life changing, life-altering things…first and foremost, I am so happy to report that I met someone, my soulmate, really…the person I have been wishing for, hoping for, and praying for~for a very long time. This person is everything I have ever hope for in a life companion, and three cheers for the fact that my soon-to-be-ex (errr…don’t wanna even let a mere hint of him enter my thoughts any longer, he is like the book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good…” ~ need I further elaborate?

The new person in my life, has also given me another child, a girl (yay!) of a wonderful, fantastic, and highly enjoyable FIVE YEARS OF LIFE…she is fabulous, and she already calls me Mama Jen and calls Nadia and Matthew her big brother and big sister, while they simply, positively adore her and cherish the ground she walks on…and they adore my new love as well, which is more than I could ever have hoped for. I should mention, my new love is a young ‘un of just 28 years…ten years my junior, yet when we are together we look the same age, as I have always had the good fortune of looking a minimum of 6-8 years younger than I am.

Furthermore, I have made some real progress in getting my children back: the ex is quite fond of my new love, as well as my new daughter…so he has been highly supportive and let’s the kids come around pretty much whenever they (or we) want.

To make matters even more unbelievable and fabulous, his (the soon to be ex) only request before I have my children move back in with me is that I find a job making a minimum of $80,000 per year. Now stop laughing yo! I know what you’re thinking…hmm hmmmm, douchebag.. I know, right? Or is it that I can’t possibly ever find a job making that much cashola when, at his bequest, I stayed home with our three children and dropped out of school. Well…you just let me handle that…I have an offer in mind that, well…I think he would be crazy to pass up. More on that later.

Allow me to sincerely apologize for skipping out and failing to check in…you will, however, be happy to know that I have made major headway in getting my life in order, aka getting my shit together; I am happier than I’ve been in years and now that Olive’s Italian Sports Grill is finally open and running I will be taking a long-awaited, highly anticipated drive to the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse to file the handy-dandy annulment papiers which I carefully and meticulously prepared myself. And boy oh boy, am I ever excited to have those papers served on the the Respondent.

I am a new woman, I must add. My new love interest has made me realize some fabulous and wonderful things about myself and the people who have, well let’s just leave it at “hurt”, me the past few years. Furthermore, my new love is extremely supportive, educated on, and understanding about my addiction problems and, I must say, is so deeply against drugs that I will never touch them again. Not because of being threatened or bullied in to quitting or staying clean, but because I’m in deep, intense love like I have never had the fortune of knowing before, and I want to stay clean and sober permanently. I am so happy–finally–that I don’t need drugs in my life (do you know how fantastic it felt to SAY that right then?

Oh, you haven’t heard the last of me. Not by a long shot, my friend. I’m in a really really great and positive place. I have been hoping for love like this since I can remember. I’m letting bygones be bygones and moving forward, without looking back. No dwelling on the past.

I finally forgive myself for my mistakes. I have a new family. I even had the wonderful luck to have fell in love with someone whose mother adores me and has adopted me as her own…how lucky am I?

You just wait..,you’ll be hearing from me a lot more than you’re thinking right now. Love is in the air.




    1. CeeLee thank you so very much for the award! It was exactly what I needed to hear at a time in my life when things are moving forward in a very quick yet positive direction and I’m excited to see where I’m at in a year…this award is very special and I cant tell you enough how touched I am by your thoughtfulness and generosity in selecting my blog. You’re a precious individual CeeLee! πŸ˜‰


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