An Erotic Dream by LuLuBeLLe

I wake to her kissing my ear, softly and slowly…she smells like jasmine and vanilla, a beautifully erotic scent. As she lifts my shirt in the back and pulls it over my head, she kisses my bare shoulders, giving me goosebumps all over my body. I lay there not sure what to expect next, enjoying the exotic mystery of the unknown.

She runs her soft, wet tongue from my tailbone up my spine to the back of my neck, then begins softly kissing me all over my neck, turning me over to my back. She slides my boy panties off and throws them aside. She kisses the inside of my legs from my feet to my thighs, softly biting my thighs, sending me into a near-orgasmic state almost instantly.


She gently pulls me up to sitting–facing her. She too is completely bare, and more beautiful than shes ever been, her sexy tattoos glistening in the soft light of the candles around my bed. Her beautiful hazel eyes meet mine and I’m taken back by her insanely individual beauty…she has a look which isn’t easily forgotten, and shes very petite yet muscular and athletic. Her skin is softer than silk and the most beautifully young, supple, sensual part of her body. She reaches up and strokes my cheek, looking at me with such admiration, adoration..she takes my breath away. She slowly leans in to kiss me and I watch her with both fascination and anticipation. Our lips meet, our tongues intertwined. I push her down to the bed and climb on top of her.

The kissing becomes more and more passionate by the second and I feel an excitement building in me like I’ve never quite experienced. Her hands go to my breasts, exploring them…then she sits up and begins kissing my breasts…first the right, then the left…her hands wrapped around me, caressing my ass. A gentle moan escapes my lips…as I throw my head back, enjoying this moment as though it were my first time with a woman, with this woman

Beep beep beep beeeeeeeep….the alarm interrupts my fantastic and erotic dream, and I’m so dissapointed I yell, “Nooooooo!”
I absolutely can’t wait to see where the sandman takes my imagination tonight….


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