Amazing Eyelid Paintings

Tal Peleg is quite a talented and unique artist, but he doesn’t paint canvasses or murals or anything of the like. Believe it or not, this unique artist completes his paintings on a place which us women consider to be a palette of sorts–but not one you would ever expect. Ever heard of the artists who write on a grain of rice? I have always found that to be extremely cool, but Tal Peleg has found a niche doing paintings in the most interesting of places, and an extremely sensitive area of the human body: the eyelids. I found these works of art to be so mind-boggling I simply had to share these fantastic works of art with my readers.

These works of art should be featured on FOX News or CNN or another nationwide news channel because this artist has found his niche, without a doubt.

Hope you are as blown away and impressed as I am by these beauties…I would pay big bucks to have these on ny eyelids…


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