Court This Morning…Ugh…

Dude there is nothing worse than starting off your morning by being in court. But to get to court fifteen minutes late thinking you’re screwed then to walk in and have court start thirty minutes behind schedule just shows one thing: everyone’s time with the exception of us criminals and other law breakers, is more important than ours.

Last court appearance I waited for nearly four hours only to have the PD (public defender) inform me they had lunch at noon and had elected to continue my case for two weeks. Really? Two weeks? How bunk is that shit? Their tuna sandwich on rye with crushed crackers and carrot sticks couldn’t wait for ten minutes to squeeze me in for an appearance? Come on Sacramento County…I was the only person to be continued for two weeks, I kidd you not. Just me.

Here I sit hoping to goodness I get seen today before the PDs and Presiding Judge start having rumbling in their tummies so that I don’t have to be put off yet again. Such a wonderfully fair and partial judicial system we have, am I right? Not…


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