The Ten Wonders of the Retail World

10. Sam’s Club~ They have the best prices and its just flat out FUN to shop there. You go in, budget $100 before leaving the house…only to return $500 poorer. Happens every time. And who can resist all the yummy SAMPLES?

9. 6pm~ They have name brand shoes, handbags, clothes, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses. Not just name brand, either. We’re talkin high-end brand names: BCBG, Vera Wang, Versace, and just about any other expensive, celebrity-quality brand name you can think of. They also carry surf and skate brands such as you would find at Tillys: Roxy, O’Neill, Billabong, Fox, Metal Mulisha, DC, and plenty of others. Their prices are phenomenal. We’re talking up to 80% off at times. I got two pairs of DC sneakers for $35 last Christmas AND FREE SHIPPING. If you havent tried it, PLEASE DO.

8. Amazon~ You can find anything under the sun at Amazon at the lowest prices anywhere. And for $85 a year you can join Prime and get free shipping on most purchases.

7. Target~ I absolutely love Target. They have the neatest things in that store. I have spent hours and hours in Target in one shopping trip and literally left feeling like my trip was cut short. Lately I’ve taken a keen interest in home decor. But get this, and I kid you not. The last two years, I’m not even exaggerating, every time I went to Target I went in for one or two things, and left with more than $500 worth of stuff I just couldn’t live without. If anyone knows of a Target Anonymous group, I’m ready to admit my addiction and step up to the plate to fix it: just not before their July 4th and Labor Day sales; I must be a part of those first.

6. Zappos~ By far the best shoe website in the world. They have any and all brands. They have a great selection of there brands and they carry the same shoes for quite a while before they’re discontinued. Prices are fantastic. Plus: free Fed Ex 2nd Day shipping AND free returns on all purchases, no minimum purchase. Purchase Monday, get shoes by Tuesday, Wednesday at the absolute latest.

5. Tillys~I can’t say enough about Tillys without tearing up. Its a Surf N Skate store for boys, girls, and children. They have all popular and new and upcoming brands. Great prices. Even greater clearance sales. And clearance sales on their clearance items. They have the World’s BEST selection of backpacks: all brands, Jansport being the biggest, they must have 50 different prints of Jansport backpacks. Stickers. Jewelry. Phone accessories. Skate accessories. Hats. Shoes. Bathing suits. I’m in love with Tillys.

4. Michael’s ~ Yes. The arts and crafts store. They have so many selections of new projects to get excited about that even the most uncrafty of individuals can find something cool to give a whirl in the world of crafting. And every Sunday, there’s a coupon in the Sunday morning paper for 40% any one item. Score!

3. Gamestop~ On behalf of my three children, all gamers, I had to include. gamestop. They are the leading video game retailer and offer all kinds of cool perks to the Premier Members for $15 per year. They give great prices on trade-ins and even sell other electronics at great prices such as iPods, iPads, iPhones, cell phones, laptops, etc. Gamers heaven.

2. Retail Me Not~ Retail Me Not is a company which offers coupons to shoppers and just about any company you can think of: large or small, well-known or not-so-popular, type in your favorite retailer and chances are they will have some great deals. Best part? You don’t have to do anything except click on the coupon you want and it automatically applies the coupon to your cart AND TAKES YOU RIGHT TO THE WEBSITE. Some stores have as many as 50-60 coupon offers. Best thing I can say about them? No joke. EVERY ONLINE PURCHASE I HAVE MADE THIS YEAR WAS COMPLETED USING A COUPON FROM Retail Me Not. Give it a try, you will NOT be disappointed.

1. (Drum roll please)… Eve’s Addiction This website has unique and personalized jewelry of all kinds: name necklaces, couple’s rings, Mother’s jewelry, family heirloom jewelry, just about any type of personalized jewelry they have you covered. And they send you coupons when you make a purchase to use on your next purchase.

Don’t forget, use Retail Me Not at your favorite retailers even if you don’t like any of my preferred vendors. Which I highly doubt. I think you ladies and teen girls will absolutely become addicted to a minimum of half these sites.

Hold your applause… hold your applause. Just get out there and make some purchases! If you do, mind you…please comment me and let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!



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