Dropbox Rox!

I accidentally discovered Dropbox about six months ago. I was searching through sent emails in my Yahoo! Mail account in order to find a document I sent which had somehow been deleted from my desktop computer and I really needed it. The only way I could think of to find it was to search through every single sent email I had in my sent box, as I knew I had sent that document in the past.and was absolutely desperate to find it. 

Low and behold, I found it. Only not by going through my sent box. I found a folder on my phone labeled “Smart Folder”. Inside this folder were all of the attachments I had ever sent through this email account. It was set up through a website/app called “Dropbox”. At the time I had an iPhone 4S and got the Dropbox app as well. What a blessing that discovery was. I have needed to use attachments either sent or received many times.

Since I discovered this, I have used up all of my 2MB of free space. I’m promoting Dropbox now to earn more space, as I really don’t want to pay for 100 MB of space. Kind of funny to me: they have a “Basic” account which is 2MB for free, then the next level up is “Dropbox Pro” with which you get 100MB of space for $9.99/month or $99 per year. It just may end up that I need that much space, I do save a lot of documents, between resumes, court documents, letters of all types, writing pieces, the book I’m writing, etc. Until then, I’m hoping I can earn some extra free space by promoting Dropbox to the public, so here I am doing just that. I have tried OneDrive, Google Drive and Evernote, as well, and have found Dropbox to be the most reliable and easy to use. 

Why use Dropbox and not just have your documents on a memory stick? Because you should always have a backup in case that memory stick gets lost or somehow everything on it gets erased. It’s takes no more time to save photos on your iOS or Android device or documents on any device, than it does to use simply a memory stick. I encourage you to give Dropbox a try.

Because Dropbox really does rock, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Here’s my guarantee: if you try Dropbox and find it to be more difficult to use than a memory stick OR if you find it to be less reliable in some way, you may publicly humiliate me by posting the most godawful comment on WordPress you can think of. It’s been done by people before,the posting of godawful comments, that is. It affects me so horribly that I make every effort I can to avoid pissing people off in any way through my blog or social networking sites. 

That being said, please check out Dropbox, either through your Yahoo! Mail account, the Dropbox app or website. You’ll be very pleased with what they offer. Here’s the link to their new accounts referral page. Hope you will at least check it out!



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