What If The Worst Thing You Fear, Came True?

Think about the worst thing that could possibly happen to you. Now think about that feeling of wanting so bad to do everything you can to prevent that one thing from happening~ and you’re successful in your attempts at keeping that horrible thing from happening, for a while….but it’s still something that everyday you think about, worry about…then you let your guard down and you relax because you no longer worry about that worst thing happening to you. So your life seems to be going great and you are making progress in areas of your life that you hadn’t made any progress in for many, many years. So you let your guard down even a little more. Then you have someone give you some criticism that hurts you so much that you consider not moving forward…but then you realize it’s only criticism and its only one person; you can’t let it get to you. You can’t let it ruin your plans of your excitement. It’s one person. It’s one person who, truly, doesn’t have to play such a large role in your ability to be happy and be satisfied with your life; you give that person the power but you choose to give the person power and you can choose to take away that power just as easily. But for some reason it really matters to you what this one person thinks and feels and believes and SAYS. This person has hurt you in the past and has made you feel like you don’t deserve to be in the place where you’re at currently and whenever you’re doing really well it seems that this person doesn’t like it, for some reason, and you have known that for a really long time but you’ve brushed it off. But then you stop and ask yourself why that person would ever in any way have a problem with you doing well. Then you realize how wrong it is for you to think of this person in such a way because you really, truly adore this person….you have a dream one night about this person and about the horrible thing that you have been worrying about for so long, and in the dream that person causes that one thing to happen; so now you have to come to terms with not only that this thing has now happened, but that it happened because of the person you dedicated such a large portion of your adult life to, and not too long after you have that dream, it really happens….

That person really does cause that one thing to happen that you have been worrying about for so long, and you feel so betrayed. You realize you don’t know that person at all. EVERYTHING that you have thought all this time about that person and about the world…is now changed because the one thing that you didn’t want to happen, happened…because of that person….and you’re reeling from it for a really long time and you know it’s never going to get better. 

What happens from that moment forward is your choice and only yours. You can choose to embrace the moment and take this opportunity to make yourself better, to make your life better… or, you can sit back and put your life on hold and not allow growth to happen which so desperately needs to happen. So what do you do? What do you do at this point? Do you grow, or do you stop living?


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