Moms, What Do You Think That Your Children Desire Most Of You?

Although I agree that kids absolutely need and want…actually crave, their mother’s love and attention…you would be shocked at how easily and quickly an outside influence such as a father, let’s use during a divorce as an example; the father does absolutely have the ability even in cases where the kids ARE very attached to and close to their mother, to negatively impact the children’s thinking of their mother just with a few comments to the kids here and there, putting the kids in a position of feeling they have to choose between Mom or Dad. But in most cases it’s the mothers who hold the biggest spot in a child’s heart. I very much feel strongly about this topic hope that my three children will always have a special attachment to me..its important for kids to be attached to their fathers as well, its just somehow a different type of attachment. As long as Mom is always available to them and is understanding and nonjudgmental, the strength of their love will only grow, even if they hear things about Mom they don’t like at some point in childhood, Mom tends to be her children’s hero forever…


English: Himba mother and child about 15 km no... English: Himba mother and child about 15 km north of Opuwo, Namibia. Français : Une mère et son enfant de la tribu Himba. Photo prise 15 km au nord de Opuwo, en Namibie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moms, What Do You Think That Your Child/Children Desire Mostly Of You?

Children and moms have a special bond with each other. Children don’t care about what they have or don’t have as long as they have moms LOVE. Until my older grandson was eight years old he wanted to go where ever his mom went. Dads, grandmas, brothers, and sisters dose not matter as much as MOM.

I am the grandma to four children, two boys and two girls. I have not seen my oldest grand daughter since she was one year old.


My oldest grandson who is now 11 years old would cry and take the worst tantrums…

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