You Had Me…

Poetry by J.A.S.

One word, one touch on the arm,
…and you had me
One look with those alluring eyes
…and you had me
One meeting with our kids
…and you had me
One positive change within yourself for a solid week,
…and you had me
One argument where there was no yelling at all,
…and you had me
One defending of me to your acquaintances
…and you had me
One sticking right by my side through not just the
good times but the bad, and you had me…
One teardrop slowly making its way down my face,
…and you had me.

To be perfectly honest, baby, you had me before hello. And you captured my heart forever… Why would I be so stupid to ruin that? Thank you my love, for believing in me even when I often times don’t deserve your faith. You’re a much more amazing person than I am, and I dread the day that you come to the realization that I am just a person, just as you are just a person. But I put you on the highest pedestal you can imagine, and I believe there isn’t a more wonderful woman as you, my love.

Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

Love Always & Forever


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