Ass Slappin’ – Yay or Nay?

My horribly misguided and inappropriate new boss (with whom I share a house), and I seem to fervently, adamantly, and shamefully, being it fifteen years into the New Millennium, pathetically disagree about what normal women are. He genuinely believes (poor, poor misinformed and despicable Serbian soul) that all women enjoy having their asses slapped by men, and any men at that. Apparently I’m not a normal woman. No seriously, the fucking prick literally stated that I am not normal. Normal women, said he, like their asses slapped and rubbed. I did good not to punch his Slavic face and knee him in the groin. Mother fucker. But oh, it gets better. Just you wait.

This arrogant and terribly misguided fucknut. I hate, no I deplore this fucking job. But that’s for another post, another fucked up day, working for this sick, twisted, perverted mother fucker as a caregiver doing his twice daily physical therapy sessions, and twice a week minimum I get the joy of him pulling his dick out mid-session and asking for me to massage it as well (he’s paralyzed from the waist down and has no sexual function control – so he’s a horny mother fucker, and I only like horny mother fuckers if I:

a) sleep with him at night, and

b) am the hornier mother fucker doing the dirty and nasty with him every night.

Can I help that I’m so sexy and desirable that even my male employers are unable to keep their dick in their pants? Silly me, this has been an issue of mine all my life. Well, since age 15, the first year I went to Hot August Nights, in Reno, Nevada, wearing a poodle skirt, thinking I was a little girl but leaving the three-day event realizing I was more: I was a sexual object who still liked (shhh!) Barbie dolls. Hold the hot guys back, right? Well I tell this raunchy fuck my feelings about his unwanted advances daily, and he thinks I’m the one who is lacking a few chromosomes.

To make this guy even more hated by me, he also claims normal women like men to “rub/touch their pussies” without asking or, sick fuck says, expecting the man to ask permission in advance.  I would bet my life – no, I would bet your life, that 90% of Americans, men and women that is, would say that his highly backward perspective on this constantly evolving social issue, for which us women have truly made an astounding amount of progress, is not only inaccurate, it’s completely degrading and chauvinistic, and not keeping up with current overall attitudes regarding women’s liberation and women’s rights. Well, he is Serbian, dear friends.

I want to know your thoughts, feelings and reactions to this unbearably disturbing male-female and employer-employee debate, and the details behind it. Is my boss right? Do women generally liked being RANDOMLY slapped on the butt..pussy rubbed..without expectation of advance permission? Or is he a mother fucking pig deserving his frank and beans all chopped off and served to the family dog?

Please, leave any and all comments, preferably as upfront and honest as mine (bad words included), below, and let’s see who’s right? LuLuBeLLe (fans cheering and clapping) or Assfuck (tomatoes and garlic flavored beet juice being thrown at him, crowds making death threats) ?? Looking forward to hearing from you!






Aana’s House: A Domestic Violence Blog, Information, Statistics, and Resources for DV Victims

Best Domestic Violence I’ve viewed which is user-created and not a professionally made site. Passing it to all my friends and family!

Good People, Good Times

Get Out While You Still Have Your Life!

Source: Domestic Violence Statistics and Info

This is an amazing new blog on Domestic Violence, the creator spent an absurd amount of time on resources and help, statistics, and information for all domestic violence victims. Links to every resource and any pertinent and helpful information has been covered here. I’m very impressed. Definitely worth subscribing to…

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George Ezra’s Budapest: Just Feels Right

George Ezra is truly an amazing artist, this is a feel-good song that you listen to while knocking back a few tall premium beers on tap at your favorite local hotspot sports bar…watching the San Francisco Giants sweep the Oakland A’s as you eat some Asian sesame buffalo wings and garlic fries… the Giants win 16-2, by the way, so you know already how this gig ends…don’t drink and drive, my friends…you know how that story always ends…

Why Orcas and Dolphins Do NoT Belong in Captivity

I’m sure most of you have visited a sea animal park such as SeaWorld or Marineland, and sat through an orca or dolphin show, am I right?  It’s not unusual for parents to take their children to these parks when their children are young, innocently believing the sea animals displayed in shows and performances are being well treated and cared for in only the most humane and ethical manner possible.

On the contrary, there are many valid reasons why these sea animal parks are being called upon more and more these days by animal rights groups, to release these sea animals to oceanside sanctuaries, an alternative to releasing them directly into the open ocean, where they are no longer accustomed to inhabiting. Just where are they used to inhabiting?

Orcas, or killer whales, live in pools no bigger to them than a bathtub, a living space so small and cramped that these beautiful, amazing, and highly intelligent creatures suffer a variety of major problems, such as dorsal fin collapse, a condition which has been found to be directly linked to killer whales being deprived of swimming in the open ocean; orcas in the ocean swim distances of up to 50 miles every day. How much distance is really swam by orcas in a pool, at a sea park, comparable for these extremely large mammals to being in a bathtub? A very minimal amount. Being in such a small living space is very unhealthy for orcas and can lead to depression, high levels of anxiety, and even repressed anger–which has led to the deaths of orca trainers at sea parks many times the last few decades, as in the unfortunate death of Dawn Brancheau, a SeaWorld, Orlando, orca trainer who was killed in 2010 by the same orca she had trained for fifteen years, an orca which was implicated in the deaths of two other trainers over the past two decades at two different sea parks. Clearly this orca was expressing great displeasure with its living conditions and surroundings. Orcas do not attack humans out in the ocean, and why would they? Humans are not a threat to them anywhere but in sea parks.

Another problem for sea mammals at sea parks is the training methods used. One of these methods used in training sea animals, which often times leads to repressed anger, depression, and other major mental health ailments, is the withholding of food by trainers in order to force both the orcas and

the dolphins to perform as expected. Although there are federal standards in place governing the minimum amount of food that sea parks are required to give sea mammals on a daily basis. The problem is this: the amount they are fed on a daily basis pales in comparison to what would be consumed in the open ocean, sometimes by as much as half. Furthermore, the fish they are fed are dead as opposed to live food available in the open ocean.

Let’s talk about dolphins at sea parks. It’s common knowledge that dolphins have an amazing and not yet fully understood ability to communicate with each other using sound waves, and that they are extraordinarily sensitive and receptive to the sound waves they sense while in the ocean. Think about the many loud and varying sounds heard at sea parks: people walking around and talking, laughing, eating; employees communicating during performances via loudspeakers, firework shows on a daily basis, screaming and crying children all day, every day. Where do all of these sounds go? Well, for one thing, they enter the water tanks and bounce off the edges of the pools, causing the dolphins to be in constant irritation and frustration, to the point that these beautiful mammals become so agitated and out of sorts that they often ram their heads into the pool edges over and over, just in an effort to deal with the dizzying sound waves experienced every single day.

I am very disturbed by the inhumane and unethical conditions experienced by sea mammals, particularly orcas and dolphins, at sea parks; but I am also appalled by the fact that the law allows humans to take innocent sea mammals from their natural environments-often times away from their mothers well before they are ready-and placed, solely for the profit of the shareholders of these parks, in a pool barely bigger than a bathtub. What benefit does this bring to sea mammals? What payment do they receive in exchange for their daily, forced performances? Dead fish? You’ll be saddened to hear that in many cases, sea mammals such as orcas, dolphins, sharks and sea lions regurgitate the dead fish fed to them, and the regurgitation causes many problems amongst these sea mammals.

I am an advocate of all sea animals currently being used as entertainment in worldwide sea parks, being immediately transported to oceanside sanctuaries, where humans can view them in their own environment, as opposed to our environment, which is unfit, unsafe, and unhealthy for all sea mammals. Parks such as SeaWorld need to discover other means of profiting as well as educating the public about sea mammals, without taking these sea mammals out of their natural environment.

If they are unable to do so, then they should be forced to close their gates permanently. More and more people throughout the world are becoming educated and are educating their children about the dangers and many problems caused by having sea mammals in sea parks; the more people realize how terrible the conditions are for these creatures, the less visitors there will be to these sea parks. These mammals are much too intelligent and emotionally sophisticated to be forced to inhabit bathtubs and eat dead fish.

I urge you to complete your own research on this serious animal rights issue and to educate your children, family and friends as well. Most importantly, refrain from visiting sea parks of any kind to show your support of the releasing of sea mammals from all sea parks.

Interesting Piece Regarding PETA’S Founder

I recently spent a full day researching People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and its founder, Ingrid Newkirk. I was very surprised to discover that, though PETA claims that “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way…”, the largest animal rights organization in the world has gotten so large and has become so overly busy that, Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s founder, elected to solve the overcrowding in animal shelters using quite an unconventional method, going as far back to her days as a young woman unaware of the issue of animal rights.

Ingrid Newkirk first became aware of the issue of animal rights and welfare in her late teens, well before she co-founded People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the world’s largest, most respected, and most well-known animal rights organization, a nonprofit organization founded by Newkirk in March 1980 in Norfolk, Virginia, along with Alex Pacheco.

As a matter of fact, Newkirk had an unusual and, as far as I see, a cruel method of handling the overcrowding in animal shelters across the globe, which is also currently being practiced today by PETA, and it is a practice I consider to not only be highly inhumane but to contradict everything PETA and Ms. Newkirk stand for and represent. You’re not going to believe this.

Would you believe that Ms. Newkirk feels the best way to handle overcrowding in animal shelters, at least in cases where PETA is unable to rescue the animals themselves, is to euthanize them? Even animals in excellent health and well-being, perfectly able to be placed with families who would give them a good home, but instead they have their lives snuffed out completely.

Doesn’t seem to coincide with PETA’s beliefs, now does it? Check out this anti-PETA blog I happened upon recently, <a href="“>All Against Peta; it will make you think quite differently about PETA.

Makes the animal rights organization seem more interested in animal wrongs, wouldn’t you say? Let me know your thoughts and impressions by posting a comment below, stating your opinion on this.

PETA doesn’t seem so ethical and right, now does it?


Animal Cruelty, Courtesy of Walmart has become one of my biggest hobbies right now. I have a passion for animals, I grew up on what some might call a farm, but it was just a five-acre lot with a huge fence around nearly an acre of it, filled with goats, a horse, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, peacocks and, most interestingly, a black and yellow rooster named Apollo. We also had dogs and cats. I have been around animals a lot of my life, but what I’m about to share with you is so disturbing that even individuals not particularly fond of animals, will be appalled.

Ask yourself this: why is it that Walmart is able to sell their meats, pork in this case, so inexpensively? The supplier of their pork products was recently discovered, by an undercover representative of Mercy for Animals, having the pigs living in filthy conditions, flies hovering over the disgusting stalls of hundreds of pigs; some pigs had serious wounds to their heads because of the abuse inflicted on them, no veterinary care whatsoever; the most disturbing part of this story is the severe and horrific abuse the pigs are forced to endure 24/7. Its bad enough that the pigs are kept in a metal crate barely large enough to fit them in, let alone to allow them to move around or sleep comfortably. But that’s not where the abuse even begins…

Employees of Walmart’s pork supplier were videotaped ripping off piglets tails and testicles ~ not even using a sharp knife, but a dull knife AND their bare hands. They take the piglets and beat their heads on the ground, leaving them there many times alive, but in severe pain, blood having been splattered everywhere. One worker found a live piglet in a pile of what was supposed to be dead piglets, but one hadn’t died as a result of the beating and was bleeding to death, barely moving.

Even worse: employees take their fingers and gouge out the eyes of the pigs, for no reason at all other than “because they can”. The pigs are beat over the head if they don’t move fast enough in line; one employee was videotaped throwing a bowling ball at one pig’s head. In the background you hear employees laughing at the abuse being inflicted on these pigs.

I’m getting sick to my stomach even telling what I have, but it gets much worse. You won’t be able to watch the entire video, it is that horrifying and gut-wrenching. But it will certainly get you involved in the cause, and the cause is this: every other large grocery store chain nationwide, including Safeway, Kroger, Raley’s, Bel Air and many others have stopped allowing any abuse to pigs by pork suppliers by changing suppliers and monitoring the condition of their surroundings.

Walmart is the only large grocery store chain still condoning the mistreatment of pigs by the pork suppliers, not to mention their horrific and filthy


living quarters. Pigs are actually very intelligent animals, can you even fathom the idea of treating dogs the way these pigs are being treated? It would never happen. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would be all over that. Where are they now? Who is protecting the pigs?

Please, make this cause your cause, and show your support by visiting the following websites: (please sign the petition)
Mercy for Animals

Take it one step further to help this cause and boycott Walmart until they stop not only allowing, but also condoning, the cruel, inhumane and barbaric treatment of pigs at it’s pork supplier. We don’t have to sit back and just watch the awful abuse and torture of these pigs, we can take action, and the petition on is a good starting point.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Why I Believe The Divorce Rate in this Country is Much Too High

I was in a marriage for almost 15 years before getting legally separated. But no one can say we didn’t stick by one another trying our damnedest to work on our marriage. We both took our vows more serious than most people, and we believed we’d be together forever. Unfortunately when I injured my back pretty severely (then also had three MRIs done, all showing four different problems with my back) while working at our Sports Bar & Grill, which we owned and I managed every single day, they put me on Nwork, then switched to Oxycontin, and even though I decided to quit on my own, after three months of begging my Physician for help to wean down off the opiate pain killers, I was told to do it alone; he couldn’t deal with how out of control my behavior and my relationship specifically with him was becoming, so he moved out, leaving me to deal with getting off of horrible narcotic pain killers while also caring for my three children. Considering the way our relationship went from that point on, I believe we were completely making the right decision regarding separating. But I loved him so much at one time and we had a great marriage. I love his two daughters, nearly my age, and the seven grandkids they gave us.

I, however, am now in a new relationship, for over a year now ~ with a female ~ and we have had problems BUT we never brush things under the rug, we always talk about it, and each week we work on one new thing to change about ourselves at the other’s request. To make a long story short, we have excellent communication, and when one of us does something wrong, never..ever…we sit and calmly talk about it. No yelling. No bringing up the past. No throwing past mistakes in the other’s face. I know if we continue to care enough about our relationship to make changes in ourselves, we will never get tired of or resentful about things unsaid. There are no things unsaid between me and my new love and life partner.

A young lady I know, who met the man of her dreams and married him within seven months, they had a baby together giving them 5 kids between them, and are now having problems. She kicked him out of the house recently for a few days, but he came back. They still fight and bicker daily.

I wrote a letter to the young lady and told her they had to at least try marital counseling plus both go individually to a therapist.

So many young people in this country get married without really knowing what love is, so when they move in together after the marriage, they learn things about the other party they don’t like or are irritated by. Ever heard the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff”? If a marriage is under ten years old, and a divorce results, the couple has not properly or effectively communicated about the things they don’t like about the other party, things they say and do, how they parent the children; if they have any resentments toward the other party and it doesn’t get resolved, of course a divorce is imminent. Sitting down and talking about the marriage and each sharing openly with the other about resentments which may have built up, causing one or both parties to either fall out of love with their spouse or not want to continue brushing things under the rug.

A successful marriage is full of constant, patient and loving communication about everything that happens all the time. Doing this keeps your marriage alive and I have realized, makes you fall in love with the person over and over every day.

That’s what a healthy, positive and mutually respectable marriage includes. If you can’t get your spouse to talk to you about the issues, which start off small but then get bigger as the resentment grows, your marriage is destined to fail.

Marriage takes a lot of daily work, and you can’t ever give up on that. Thick and then. For better or worse. Til death do us part. Those are real vows and if they don’t mean to you what they mean to couples who constantly are willing to work on the marriage, as well as themselves individually, divorce is the most common ending for those who fail to take a step back and look not only at their spouse, but also at themselves.

Remember the reasons you fell in love with the other party every day, and everyday, take twenty minutes out of your day to do something special for your spouse, let them know they are loved and appreciated every day.

That’s how you keep a marriage going strong for many years. Give it a try…you’ll see what effect doing those small things will have on your stagnant marriage. I have the best relationship now, simply because of our amazing communication skills and ability to take criticism. Try it…you’ll see…

Don’t Interfere with Dreams

Certain things having to do with the human body are at times meant to remain a mystery and unchanged. I recently stumbled upon a fascinating topic while researching various mental health problems I’m currently educating myself on, due to my girlfriend enduring a heart wrenching level of childhood sexual, verbal and physical abuse, from which she suffers every single day from horrific symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, giving her the burden of nightmares every night, nightmares reliving the horrors of her childhood.

Have you ever had a recurring nightmare that became so frequent and increasingly terrifying that your ability to function on a daily basis at work or with your children was becoming affected, leading you to wish you could prevent yourself from dreaming at all?

You may want to learn some interesting facts before messing with the human brain; you may better understand the mind’s complexity while at the same time it’s simplicity.

I discovered that when a person sleeps, they always dream-even during brief naps. We’ve all heard someone telling people they don’t ever dream or remember their dreams. On the contrary, many people simply aren’t able to bring their dream up to a level of consciousness from the deep unconscious. Turns out dreaming is essential to our daily mental functioning. Well how about that?

Several websites I found gave convincing information that dreams belong in our unconscious, although the majority of the time they creep into our conscious awareness, being potentially disturbing. Think of some over-the-counter as well as prescribed medications used for inducing sleep on such a deep level, they keep the brain from reaching a level of REM sleep so effectively that upon waking, the individual complains of “not feeling very rested” or as though more sleep is needed.

In addition, being deprived of REM sleep interferes with the brain’s ability to perform normally during waking hours, leading to many different problems, such as decreased performance at work, irritability, fatigue, and other mental dysfunctions, which could have long-term affects on the poor soul who is unlucky enough to experience this problem.

Rather than taking anything to change how you sleep, what about just sleeping for the standard eight hours per day, avoiding naps of any duration; I suspect you will be contacting me to bestow major praise and appreciation for putting this info out there.

It’s my pleasure, just me sharing this boring yet potentially helpful information I happened upon.

My work is done here. For this post that is.