Got Needles?

This post illustrates a petition I started last year on which came to be after I read a shocking and offensive article in Colorado Springs’ The Gazette newspaper, in which the writer discusses the Mayor at that time’s position on the always brought to the floor but always rejected bill, rewritten each time it gets brought before the floor, trying to get a needle exchange program in the City of Colorado Springs, a city boasting nearly 700,000 people. This is my petition:

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Animal Cruelty, Courtesy of Walmart has become one of my biggest hobbies right now. I have a passion for animals, I grew up on what some might call a farm, but it was just a five-acre lot with a huge fence around nearly an acre of it, filled with goats, a horse, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, peacocks and, most interestingly, a black and yellow rooster named Apollo. We also had dogs and cats. I have been around animals a lot of my life, but what I’m about to share with you is so disturbing that even individuals not particularly fond of animals, will be appalled.

Ask yourself this: why is it that Walmart is able to sell their meats, pork in this case, so inexpensively? The supplier of their pork products was recently discovered, by an undercover representative of Mercy for Animals, having the pigs living in filthy conditions, flies hovering over the disgusting stalls of hundreds of pigs; some pigs had serious wounds to their heads because of the abuse inflicted on them, no veterinary care whatsoever; the most disturbing part of this story is the severe and horrific abuse the pigs are forced to endure 24/7. Its bad enough that the pigs are kept in a metal crate barely large enough to fit them in, let alone to allow them to move around or sleep comfortably. But that’s not where the abuse even begins…

Employees of Walmart’s pork supplier were videotaped ripping off piglets tails and testicles ~ not even using a sharp knife, but a dull knife AND their bare hands. They take the piglets and beat their heads on the ground, leaving them there many times alive, but in severe pain, blood having been splattered everywhere. One worker found a live piglet in a pile of what was supposed to be dead piglets, but one hadn’t died as a result of the beating and was bleeding to death, barely moving.

Even worse: employees take their fingers and gouge out the eyes of the pigs, for no reason at all other than “because they can”. The pigs are beat over the head if they don’t move fast enough in line; one employee was videotaped throwing a bowling ball at one pig’s head. In the background you hear employees laughing at the abuse being inflicted on these pigs.

I’m getting sick to my stomach even telling what I have, but it gets much worse. You won’t be able to watch the entire video, it is that horrifying and gut-wrenching. But it will certainly get you involved in the cause, and the cause is this: every other large grocery store chain nationwide, including Safeway, Kroger, Raley’s, Bel Air and many others have stopped allowing any abuse to pigs by pork suppliers by changing suppliers and monitoring the condition of their surroundings.

Walmart is the only large grocery store chain still condoning the mistreatment of pigs by the pork suppliers, not to mention their horrific and filthy


living quarters. Pigs are actually very intelligent animals, can you even fathom the idea of treating dogs the way these pigs are being treated? It would never happen. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would be all over that. Where are they now? Who is protecting the pigs?

Please, make this cause your cause, and show your support by visiting the following websites: (please sign the petition)
Mercy for Animals

Take it one step further to help this cause and boycott Walmart until they stop not only allowing, but also condoning, the cruel, inhumane and barbaric treatment of pigs at it’s pork supplier. We don’t have to sit back and just watch the awful abuse and torture of these pigs, we can take action, and the petition on is a good starting point.

Thank you in advance for your support!