“OxyContin Poster Children 15 Years Later” on YouTube


How Can HeRoiN Be LeGaL?

That’s exactly what Oxycontin is.  Prescription Heroin. Nothing more, nothing less. I know because I have been there, I was severely addicted to Oxycontin from late 2009 to early 2010. Just six months. But those six months changed my life forever and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to “undo” the damage that was done to my family, to my marriage, to my children, to my future–as a result of my raging addiction to Oxycontin. It forever altered me. In some ways I am very grateful because I have become a stronger, better, more positive and self-aware person.

In other ways, on the other hand; I am bitter and angry and resentful that it happened to me. I recently viewed a video on YouTube which brought this sore subject to the surface again for me and got me to thinking about this topic, a topic which has ruled my life the last few years and which completely destroyed my beautiful family. How does one ever get over that?

My article on HubPages received some attention recently as well, leading Oxycontin to be on my mind a lot the last few days. I want to do something to help others be aware how addictive and destructive this narcotic painkiller really is, and how it has been proven to be incorrectly marketed as a safe, long-term opiate painkiller with few side effects and a “lower potential for abuse”, according to Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of Oxycontin. In all actuality, Oxycontin is the most addictive and dangerous drug to ever be manufactured in America.


Its really frustrating to me because I was one of the lucky ones, really…I was off six months after I started. It was the longest six months of my life. Nobody in my family credits me at all with doing something spectacular by getting myself off that nasty narcotic such a short time after starting it. What I’m most proud of in my feat is this: I absolutely loved how Oxycontin made me feel to the point I was taking upwards of 800mg per day after just three short months. I felt fabulous. I loved it. But I knew it was going to kill me at the rate I was going. I made myself wean down. It was an incredible use of my willpower.

Yet people still call me a junkie, just because I had such a tough time getting clean after struggling with opiates for three years, that I made the choice to get on methadone so that I would have a stable life. There’s such a stigma attached to methadone, but people really dont even take the time to research it. They are incredibly misinformed. But I’ve learned to blow off what people say and just be happy I’m where I am.

I only hope I can help someone else with their addiction to narcotic painkillers, otherwise my terrible ordeal would have been in vain. All I wish for is to get my story across to other readers in the hopes that I can make them realize how much opiates (especially Oxycontin) can destroy your life, or forever alter it.

I know because I’ve been there. It almost destroyed my life.

Calling All Addicts!

I started a brand new blog, dedicated to addiction and to the thousands upon thousands of addicts like me, who just can’t seem to get away and stay away from drugs of any kind. It’s new here on WordPress, and the name I came up with is completely weird, chew on it for a bit, and if you can’t figure out what it means, please let me know and I’d be happy to explain…It’s a meaningful name to me.

Addiction is a serious issue.  No one should struggle through it alone. I myself have been struggling through this time completely alone; my husband alienated all of my family from me years ago, and every time I attempt to make things right, he somehow sabotages it so that my family mistakenly thinks I’m back with him so they cut me off again, just to get and keep away from him. The problems in my family have most definitely contributed to my drug use and abuse. Even though I have a mental health degree–a Bachelor of Art in Psychology with a minor in Child Development and Abnormal Behavior, I still have a real problem with being able to apply what I have learned to myself.

This blog is for all of us addicts, the bad ones, the short-timers and long-timers, the ones who OD or commit suicide– addiction touches everyone’s life in one way or another. This blog is written by someone on the drug side of addiction. It’s a scary place to be. I can’t believe I got through it, healed and started my life over and got going shockingly well, only to relapse back into another form of addiction.

You’re welcome to hit me up and let me know if you ‘re interested in being a contributor to this blog. Email me at and briefly tell me your story… what you are/were addicted to, how long your journey was, the worst thing that happened, what made you decide to quit if you did quit, and how do you feel about drugs now? Honestly…you can tell me, I really would like to hear real, sincere stories and I know that not everyone is going to say they have quit or that, if they have quit, that it was the right decision for them. I would love to get a good variety of stories.

You don’t have to contribute to this new blog in order to have your story featured on it. Please, send me a photo (it doesn’t have to be a face shot) along with your detailed story and a good contact number as well as what time of day is best to reach you, and I will contact you back.

It would be great if you would start your story with, “My Name is ________ and I’m a ________ Addict”. But if that makes you uncomfortable, do it however you wish. Looking forward to getting more readers….!